Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


Doublecrash Thanks for the comments dude , i do my best

EssenceDesign Thanks for passing by mate , updates coming very soon :thumbsup:

Hello Rajdeep Thanks for the support , waiting for updates in your entrie man :bounce:


This is my first Wip in modeling . Im starting to shape The SpaceShip .


One more update in the SpaceShip. Let me know what you think.


Smooth model! I like the “vertical” feeling of it. More similar to a seaship. Seeing that front part, what about some windows for the passengers?

Cool work, pal! :buttrock:



You have a nice story going here, I like the concept design of the ship as well. Keep up the good work.

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Great logo and sketching



Hey man. I really dig your WIP! I love the WWII sub feeling to it. I also find your concept and storyline quite amazing. Looking forward to seeing more of it! Keep it up!


Thanks guys for the comments and the supports , ill update in the night with some images



¡Venga adr! ¡se ve chida la nave! :thumbsup:


Adrian, the ship is off to a nice start. Are you going to do the detailing primarily with geometry or are you going to opt for bump and displacement in your textures?


Just added some details to the ship .


Hmmm … you’re either using a transparency map to get the tears in the ship or you’ve resorted to Booleans (less likely, give the inherent problems with XSI’s Boolean generator). There’s another alternative, Adrian, and one I think you’ll find incredibly useful for your scene: the scripted operator, “Shatter.” (It’s one of Helge Mathee’s wonderful MindThink Tools, and you’ll find it in the free version 2.01 – along with some other extraordinarily useful scripts). If you look up Helge’s site (I check the URL and post it momentarily), you’ll find 2.01 available for download, along with instructions for how to install it. Anyway, Shatter will enable you to break up the geometry into as many pieces as you need; then you can move the pieces around to create the rips, and use the “move point” tool (“M” is the keyboard shortcut) to further enhance the damage.


looks like a good star


Adrian, here’s the link to the tools:


Thanks very much for the info Nuclear i will check the link right now . In fact , im not using booleans , im cutting the polys manualy and moving the points , it doesnt look to good right ?hehe i will give a try with your tips with “shatter”

Thanks again and btw your shaders really rocks man , im really having fun learning this wonderful software. Ill do my best with it . :beer:

Im thinking of using a mix . Some modeling and some displacements with bumps .


Currently getting some very nice results by using bump maps derived from chip design layouts and connecting the bumps to the roughness node of a Blinn shader. It beats the standard procedure for applying metalic plates when you’re going for a futuristic look. Will post the shots tomorrow.


Adrian: I think the model is going nice…i just think that for the cuts youre doing u can make a little bevel so they dont look too straight …i know textures can make the trick here but i think that is better trying to detail those cuts as much as u can in the modeling…ok thats in my opinion…youre doing it well mate…just keep on the good work:thumbsup:


thanks jorge , Yes im still working on a different aproach to make those cuts more realistic, im still defining some details in paper for the whole ship, engines and some other things ,


Adrian, did you see this new shader collection over at XSI Base? If you look at the screen shots, you’ll notice that one of the effects has a very “techno” look that might be useful for bump mapping some fine detail into areas of the ship that have been exposed by the tears. There are also some good possibilities for alien terrain textures:

Oh, one other thing you might find really useful on your scene, Adrian: Andreas Felix Gebhart’s superb Geodisplacement script, which enables you to turn a grayscale displacement map into solid geometry:

The meshes it produces can be real polygon hogs, but you can always use 'em to set up the placement of objects and textures in a scene, then delete the solid geometry and simply go with the grayscale map and very fine displacement settings applied to a less dense grid, so the displacement is done at render time.


Nice. Maybe you could show the side torn open exposing huge torpedoes,
one of which looks like it is about to tip out.Maybe a huge hole way below
where a previous one fell and blew out the side of the ship. This is fun.

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