Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


Mar 2075 The international goverment took control of the faith of the Earth. Only one faction of rebels still remain in the earth.
Nov 2075 The international Goverment make a plan to clean the faction of the rebels. The rebel inteligence find some traces about this plan and decide to make an attack, stealing the first interplanetary ship in the world with the new tech called hyperspeed . it will be a deseperate try to leave the earth and find another place to live.

This plan works perfectly taking the goverment by surprise , and trying to get out of the planet .After some months scanning the universe . The rebel find a little planet with one moon . And all the data about this planet show that it can be for the human kind . There was a problem , the rebel were pretty concern about the fast translation movement of this little moon and how could change the Weather in it. That way the rebels called the planet Climata .

Feb 2092
After some years building a new interplanetary vessel ,the goverment found the location of the rebels. And decide to use the new interplanetary ship to take revenge about the act of the rebels . They attack the planet and then realized that the rebels have company and a huge army behind them.

The battle of Climata is just starting!!!

This is the story of my entrie with some info about it . I will put some sketches in a few mins
Im not a drawer and the final scene will have a lot of elements in the battle . Need to sketch the ships of the International Goverment . And i will let to the end as a surprise ,the race that help the rebels to stay alive .

Let me know what you think ?
And sorry about my bad english

Cheer!!! Hope you like it:)


Sketch 01 Closer shot


Sketch 02 Wide shot with some elements in battle


nice story mate…i think u can create an extraordinary scene with it…about your sketching…i think that maybe the second one is the one i choose…cos i would like to see that incredible vessel moving towards the rebels that are trying to contain it…but well ill be tuned for more from u.


Hi Adrian,

just jumped in to say: good luck with this project, I will keep an eye on your work.

Good start you were made.

Your logo is brilliant with that slashed A :thumbsup:



Hi adr …nice to see u in this mate…i like the story and the concept of CLIMATA…following this one.

Have fun and let those polygons crunch…:bounce:


Hi Adrian…I like your new concepts.I prefer the 1st one.I like the scale and look of the vessel.Perhaps you could combine the two.My thoughts are that you could have some of the smaller vessels from concept 2 fly by the larger vessel in concept 1…Ok just my thoughts,hope I give you an extra spark for thoughts…Best of luck,and see you soon…:arteest:


thanks for the feedback guys , yes , in fact the first image show the detail that ill manage in the spaceship . Ill design more ships to add it to the scene and these two images will be mixed to archieved the great battle .

Only one thing is missing the native race that help the rebels .

Thanks for the support :thumbsup:


If you manage to present the shipwreck as a huge, ancient and grand relic of sorts, I really think you could end up with something of epic proportions… It might get tricky though, but I’m sure you’ll pull it off. Best of luck, Adrian :thumbsup:


Yes James ,need to work with hard details in the ship , afterall it has some years in the planet and have to look old with some part of it really destroyed

Thanks for the feed back :thumbsup:


Nice concept! after all the humans been there for 20 years!

Good Luck!

Best Regards,


That’s a promising start, Adrian. The ship looks almost like a futuristic assault weapon turned upside down, with maybe a touch of the Marine transport in ALIENS thrown in for good measure … but whatever your influences I think you’ve come up with a clever way to convey scale: put the main ship on the ground. Look forward to seeing more progress!


Flash.luz Thanks for the comments , hope to update tonight.

Nuclearman Thanks for your comments and you support , i will work today to have an update later

Cheers guys :thumbsup:


Nice story adr. It seems that everywhere and everytime the goverments are hungry for power. This is Human race. Even we put the blame on these wars, inevitable the wars leeds to technological progress. And the mysterious saviours idea was a good one too.
And the Climata logo is elegant. Simple and easy to remember.
Youre not a drawer? Your sketches look very good in my eyes (I am a poor drawer, not you) and shows well enough what you intend to do. I liked the first sketh composition and the second ship on the ground The firts one was a classic one). You are a gifted man and Im sure you`ll find the right composition to your scene.


nice work so far!! looking forward to some modelling! :thumbsup:
buena suerte! :bounce:


interesting, you should add some sort of planet on top of that vessel, I think it will look alright! :bounce:



Pro Thanks for your kind words man i will put a double effort doing this project casue i decide to learn a new software (xsi) need to sketch the ship and some other stuff. Thanks for your support

oblivionblack Im glad that you like it man thanks a lot.

Arsa . You are right , ill put an eclipse in the sky , thanks for your words


Hi Adr!

It’s nice to see another one participating in the challenge with my same motivation: I’m too learning XSI from scratch with this challenge and I hope to learn a lot from other participants :slight_smile:

I like a lot your first sketch, waiting for more.



Hey man…good to see you here…I like where you are going with your concept…the first pic has a very grand feel to it…and you could do so much with that ship to…so much room for crazy details…I look forward to seeing your work develop…I really liked your machine flesh, and know what you are capable of…keep going:thumbsup:


Hai there adr, Your concept sketch is catchy, good scope for a awesome scene, and the ship indeed looks monstrous keep us updating…