Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


Adrian Lozano has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Good luck mate!

Voy a estar muy pendiente de tu trabajo!


thanks jorge , need to start to make some sketches and see if i can learn Softimage Xsi with this challenge . I will learn it from the scratch.


Hey there ADR…The “Funborns in space” a wild Funborn setting…Ok I’ll leave this up to you.:wink: …Nice to see you here again,I’ll keep an eye out for you,all the best to you…:beer:


hello michael , nice surprise to see you again here in my thread. The challenge looks so funny and interesting . Hope to start to work in some sketches in this weekend.



I think I’ll hang out here for a while too, waiting for the concept :thumbsup:


thanks for the commens james , right now , i have some sketches and i will uploaded it in the night with a basic idea of my project.



Ok guys , this is my sketch . Is about the end of the Opal Kham, one of the most dangerous battleship in the universe . And how an explorer find the place of the crash .

Please C&C


Hello guys , This is an update of my sketch with some colors and im trying to find a nice composition .

Let me know what you think?



The composition seems a little cramped…I think you’d really benefit from a more rectangular aspect ratio. There’s also not much depth in your drawings. Try orienting the foreground spaceship or part of the wreckage to point towards/away from the viewer.


hmmm dude i dont reelly c that ur following the challange theme… let me remind u that the man idea shoud b a turning point in a space race… the thing i c in ur drawings is just a plane/spaceship crash… i’ll suggest you to add some story to ur concept and give some reason of y the crash happend… i think that’ll put u in the rite track


Adrian…Just to give you another thought or something to consider beyond this point…“the end of the Opal Kham”…my thought’s on the most dangerous battleships in the Universe would be if it really was the “most dangerous” battleship in the Universe I sure would not like to come across “Whatever” was responsible for it’s falling…:wink: …Perhaps you can show the cause or reason for it’s end or destruction…I tseems to me that whatever was the cause for it’s end is the true “Most dangerous” thing in the Universe,not the Opal Kham…Was it beauty that caused it’s fall (Like Kong :wink: ),or was it another vessel? Was it age and time? Was it a mutiny aboard the Battleship?..I beleive that you should add the cause or reason whatever this may be to the scene…Add more depth,add more substance to the surroundings,to give a better understanding and feel of this World…

OK…I am just here to suggest and help where possible,a good set of extra eyes ADR…tell me what you think when you can…I like the premise,the idea of a great battleship in ruins,a real event and epic moment,but I think you need just that little more something as I mentioned…just my 2 cents…I’ll be seeing you soon.:beer:


Hello adr!!!
Good to see you again in this new challange.
Woow, you whant to learn XSI working to this challange. This challange will be twice as hardest. You`re not joking!!!
I like your concept sketch (and colors - like in the previous challange - I see you like warm colors).
Who is the explorer?
Good luck man.


Hi Adrian, great to see u in!:beer: First of all i wish u all the bst, may your machine run stable and fast…

I really like your sketches, but I have to join the opinion of the other guys. It’s not really epic in my eyes. The suggestions of Virtuoso are a very good startpoint to modify your concept a little bit.

I’m sure u’ll do a terrific work here:)

Let the machines start…cya


Thanks Dinosaur with your comments. i ll have special care in the aspect ratio .

3doid You are right dude , :thumbsup: Thanks for the comments about it , i will work hard to find the fit to my concepts and see if i can use it or change it with one more sketch

Virtuoso Thanks for the feedback mate , need to work more in the concept and give a good explanation about this crash or maybe change the whole concept because im not very happy with it. Thanks for your feedback

Prooctavian Im not very satisfied with the concept yet PRO thanks for support me and ill update very soon, I will keep an eye in your entrie mate :slight_smile:

Saschi Is great to see you too mate , right now im working in the main concept again need to work hard and find an idea that really like me . I will stay in touch and watch your thread closely

Thanks guys for the comments:thumbsup:


Hola Tocayo, se mira bueno el concepto, y suerte!


Creo que solamente puedes poner un por post en el concurso o puedes editar tu imagen a gragar imagenes adicionales pero solamente subiendo un archivo


Hello guys, this is the name of my entrie.
Tomorrow night , i´ll put the sketches and all the explanation about The battle of Climata.



Adrian, that’s a GREAT logo for your contest entry! It immediately caught my eye amongst all the new concept pictures that were posted this morning – the “eclipsed” final A was inspired.

Good luck learning XSI! It’s a great program, though be warned: you’ll need to dip into the available scripts (try XSI Net for a good assortment) to really get the most out of it.


Nuclearman , Thanks for visit my thread . Im glad that you like it mate.

Yes , i was thinking in use Softimage for this event but i not pretty confident about it , so i will use my main tool and do it . I will learn xsi with another project , with animation.

Thanks bout your concerns and i will stay in touch.