Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


This is a view of camera angle.


gr8 build order , this wire really gives feeling of what u are making


Looking great - the buildings look impressive - I have to say I think you’ve got a lot of work on your plate, but who hasn’t.

Good luck on modelling the city, sounds quite hard - look forward to seeing it from the angle of the concept, as opposed to a different angle.


That seriously looks like an actual city, something that would exist in real life! Well, except with a more spacy look to it. :smiley:


wow… did you use a map to layout the buildings?


Thank you for your comments!
I really don’t want to show my city full of weird saucer shaped buildings but I have tried to meet the standards of today in my plan but I think a few strange buildings will suffice here.
Anyways, this is my latest Rendre of my Grand City ;some more structures are added here also in Colosseum I have added some shades (which you can see some part of it on the right hand side of my image).
I’ll give you more info about them later.
Hope to hear your comments!


looking great! adel , it’s seem you done a huge job , buidl an entrie city!! good job , and good luck!


That’s very impressive work so far and I particularly like your Bee5… will make sure I check out your finished pic. Good luck! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Wow, the City looks very good, only the colosseum in the Front looks with this texture a bit to noisy… But I think that’s not important yet.

Impressing work!


I have modeled this bross sculpture and edited it to be used for the decoration of the balcony.I have tried to use a few faces in it because there are some of them in the image
so I wanted to prevent heaviness in the scene.The shape of it is suitable for the Olympics games and it shows a sense of movement which a spaceship has.I think the composite of modern and old styles will add to the beauty of the work.
Looking forward to your comments!


great idea :eek:
when i see the figure i imagane he was a hero of the past
you get it mennnn:bounce:


Hi adel3d

Brass sculpture, or bronze, bronze may be a better medium, it does not rust, only kidding, I like your entry it has great volume and composition is wonderful how did I miss your thread.

It looks great the sculpture, the only thing I would suggest is that depending on which way it rains, you would have more corrosion on the sculpture kinda like water stains, but I think it looks great reminds me of the Olympics.

Anyway, nice work!

Paul P Patina!


Thanks man for your support!:slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment.I think it doesn’t need so much details cause it’s seen in distance.:slight_smile:


i miss the camera distortion that was seen in the concept.

other than that every detail is eye candy and I’m enjoying watching it develop.


wow… still pumping out great models!..


Hi there Adel!
Whoah, now Your doing one massive thing here :thumbsup:
Yeap, the sculpture looks awesome, really gives the mood and feeling of something with sports :slight_smile: Just love the textures on it, once again, really great job here!


Very impressive work adel3d… very very good… Keep it up!


hi adel,
i’ve not check here for sometime and now i see that you are doing very good.
the plane(ship) is perfect,i love it,and the whole thing,the city and the statue is going very very good…good concept after all.
waiting to see more

inam be zabane madary:agha kheily khoob dare pish mire,damet ke vaght nakardam sherkat konam,amma to az tarafe man,hale in kharejiya ro begir :stuck_out_tongue: :applause: movafagh bashy,


wow, the sculpture looks awesome man, textures are working really well to compliment it
well done!