Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


heya, nice stuff! but, I didn’t understand that they where preparing for some kinda the olympics just by watching the pictures… I had to read it to see it, maybe you could make it more clear later on.
the subject has alot of possibilities… so, wouldnt’ it be funnier to make a scene “in action”, where they are actually playing against each other. maybe with “ship-custumes” made for the specific sport they are playing.
anyway, i shouldn’t write to much yet… I’ll wait and see what you have in mind. very nice start though, one of my preferers so far.


Thanks for your comments all !
I like to picture a general view of one of the planets in which a game is going on.
Some of the contestants are making themselves ready to start the games,some are
playing.I’d like to create some spaceships in foreground which have ;eg, the characteristics of Indy cars
but they fly.For instance a small detail of someone who is dealing with its engine and he is greasy ,
without losing the highlighting of the background.I mean the environment which usually exists in these kinda matches.
Maybe I can express myself more by images than words.So please come and visit my sketches
every now and then.
And keep COMMENTING! that’s so inspiring for me!:slight_smile:


As I mentioned before this is a concept that might constitute a part of my whole project in foreground.
I haven’t come up with sth that really satisfies me yet .what I want is a Huge scene although I am
not a fan of creating weird creatures cause in future only robots can be with us or at most some more developed
human beings.


I love that painterly feel to your concept work. Maybe think more about capturing some sense of drama.


sweet concept here

another nice and differnt aproach to the contest
well done !


beautiful concept there - proving that space opear doesn’t necessarily have to be on a grand scale…



I don’t know how i missed this thread. Really cool concept u got there. for your third concept, i would suggest having the people wear jump suits or one of those suits the drivers and team mechanics wear at the races.


Thanks for all comments!
I feel dizzy myself ! By the time I finish one concept another one burst out of my mind.:sad: :eek:
I think I’ll be continuing my concepts till the time is finished.:shrug: LOL…
I might not use all the concepts in my final work but I think they help me find the idea of the finished work.
but at least I know it is star Olympics.:slight_smile:
Hope to hear back your replies!
Wait for my other sketches too!


hey thats gonna b one grand space opera… i really love ur wide perspective drawings… keep on goin buddy… wud really love to c wad u’ll show us… best of luck


Heres to hoping more concepts burst from your mind Adel…What you have shown is wonderful,and beautiful color pallette…And nice interesting designs…The design is dynamic and the perspective is an interesting one.All the best Adel,looking very nice,I look forward to more…:arteest:


You are full of great ideas :thumbsup: Keep them coming I wont get sick of looking at them.


wow, impressive depth…polycount of the finished pic will be amazing :smiley:


Neat consepts, no criticues/suggestions at this stage. You seem to have enough of them already :slight_smile:

Agrees… Good luck :thumbsup:


These paintings are really cool!

can’t wait to see the models you start making from them!


In my forth concept the story is focused on an individual who is becoming ready for the games of Star olympics and
is praying to overcome his stress.
The frame is vertical ,it’s a bit abnormal but it adds to the beauty of the work.
Tell me what you think!:shrug:


Just found this thread, truely amazing! Very nice work.

My fav. concept so far is no. 2, due to its epic scale, but I would recomend there being something in the forground as the main focus, or something that suggests the olympics (like the 3rd and 4th image) - so basically, if the last few images can be combined in some way it’d rock!

Very good art, it’s clear, and truely AWESOME!


Thanks man!
I have the same idea of combining these sketches in foreground and background!:slight_smile:
Hopefully I’ll come up with the final sketch soon!:rolleyes:


adel3d another great concept, looking forward to more :thumbsup:


Thanks for your comments!But I hope to start the final work soon.I have been buy with different things
these days but I’ll try to have a composite of 3d concepts with my sketches.
I saw your sketches.I really liked them.
Keep up the good work!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


nice drawings. and nice concept too :slight_smile:
will have a look on this thread and see how the 3d will look like :slight_smile:

wish you good luck,and have fun!