Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


Hi there Adel! WOW! What an image that’s cool :thumbsup: You have done an awsome amount of modeling here! And you have created something wonderfull here my friend! Top job i say! I could look at this for hours searching through the streets and landscape, well done! :bounce:

Kind regards


… like different other people here I miss you entry too… and this city image and scene is absolutely amazing… :applause: The mesh view is totally stunning :bowdown:
wonderful image, congrats adel3d


Adel, I can look on and on in your image and loose myself into the beautifull universe you have created for this challange.
Vere, very, very nice. And the meanning you gaved to this Grand Space Opera is brilliant.
Man, … your technique and imagination are so cool. And so many details.
Congratulations mate!!! :applause: :applause:
You have my vote. :thumbsup:


Adel3dAll I want to say is so great work! well done!:bounce: .:thumbsup: , friend :slight_smile:


Fantastic work. a phenomenal level of detail, and a scene that is epic and peaceful at the same time. Good luck! :thumbsup:


HI. Your image is one of my favorites, Yor technique is really cool. I have only two coments. It seems to me that your great image in more like a futuristic city than a space citie, I mean if you taka apart that huge planet over there your got the NewYork in the 3025, you know what i mean, and the second comente is that your highways are really good but it seems to me they are a little the same of Minority Report.


Hey there!

I was looking through your thread to see if I already told you how wonderful your image is! I am mesmorised at how much detail is in here. I really think by the mear scale of your image and the visual impact youve shown that you will walk away with something more then a pat on the back. Congratulations with it and hope to see you in future challenges as this was a fun one to watch be put together!



hey…very nice work…u made lots of beautiful modeling here…congratulations !!
good luck fo voting !


Thanks for your comment.:slight_smile: But I have to say I didn’t want to make saucer like buildings or engine like ones.I think this is a matter of taste .:shrug: I also didn’t intend my city to look like New york .I have tried to make an original idea and I don’t think it looks like that movie either.Here I showed a city under the surface.


Very nice city, with a lot of detail, fabulous ligting, i like your work you have my vote


That great image:eek: surprising details and great quality

You have my vote

Good luck:thumbsup:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown: You have choosen an exciting camera angle.


You’ve got my vote too !
Good luck !:thumbsup:


Amazing… :bowdown:

time well spent, dude …

top 3 methinks …

Good Luck


Indeed, is the first time I’ve stumbled across it for some reason but that is astounding, off to cast a vote :thumbsup:


OK! this is my new avatar :rolleyes:
This is a photo real Style made without refrence.This was done in photoshop.


arrrgh , change it ! i dunno, i can’t just watch it, ssomething hideous about it,rrnghngghh


This is a very great work! You are a very enthusiastic artist.:slight_smile: This picture is marvelaous, it’s very detailed, it’s like a scientific illustrattion. It has got veriy good mood. Good luck!



Adel this is just fantastic and so much detail…you are very talented :thumbsup:


Stunning detail, my eyes have fun exploring this image. Surely you will be shortlisted.