Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


adel adili (Leda) has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final

This is my final image.
3D software: 3ds max 5.1
Render engine:Vray Renderer
3D Paint : Deep Paint 3D
Texture Edition: Adobe photoshop
The first thing I’d like to mention is that the image I came up with is exactly what I had in my mind about Grand Space Opera.I didn’t intend to show weird aliens and laser guns because they can be the topic entitled a space battle in another challenge .
I wanted to show the meaning of the Grand Space Opera fully so I chose the topic Star Olympics.
Here I used the depth concept to show the Grand theme.The depth was shown on the surface, under the ground and in the space.
To reveal this depth I had to work some vast area of 30 kilometers which was visible from the camera angle.This included the buildings,the surfaces and even the plants.
To describe the word Space a Star Olympics competition stroke my mind .The competition is among the planets so I showed a number of Indy-space-ships which are getting ready to start the match toward the target planet.
From the word Opera I got a meaning of glory so I tried to present this feeling in a balcony building and coliseum .I thought a classic style for my balcony building would perfectly give this sense. Here from the camera angle we seem to be a part of the spectators.
Finally, I’d like to thank those who commented on my works and supported me during this challenge.


Welcome to the challenge, work hard :wink:


I started my project by finding a theme for it first and then selecting the suitable name to represent my ideas best.I have always had this in mind and I am happy that I am given this opprtunity.
Here everything is well considered except a place to describe our theme before uploading our sketches because if we know what we are going to do that’s cool. So I’d upload my info here and try to inform everybody by having my WIP whenever I come up with sth worth seeing.
I think that we have enough time to get a good result although I have to do this in my free time or whenever I find the opportunity to do so.
I wish success for thoese who are participating in this challenge.


Hope you will be successful too!:thumbsup:


This painting is by Albrecht Altdorfer(1480-1538)
“Alexander’s victory over Darius”
This image has a good depth and that’s what I liked about it
so this is one of the ispirations for my project.Ofcourse I can expand the depth of the
sky more to touch the planets .And one of the Olympic games is held on this planet
and the expansion of this particular field will continue to the planet opposite.
This is now my first impression of what I am doing .I might come across other
concepts during my sketches.


This is my first concept I came up with.This is a fast colored sketch
which came out of my mind.These sketches and more gradually leads me to final concept.
Cause for me the the right concept is more important than starting the modeling itself.
In this project I got vertical frame but I think I’ll probably go through dramatic changes
because I couldn’t get the depth I expected so I might turn to horizontal frame,…


and if your renders at the end look as cool as that painting then I look forward to seeing more stuff :slight_smile:


Lol nice idea! Keep rocking mate…


What a fantastic concept, cant wait to see it in 3D form. Love the colours :thumbsup:


are you going for the old style look of the painting? It’d be a nice achievement… hope you can pull it off man! keep posting… .


:applause: great concept man.i’m forward to se the final image:thumbsup:


This is the second concept I came up with which is an improvement from the first one.
I like it more than the other one because it gives me the depth I wanted.
Also the atmosphere is brighter and shows my sybject better.
The story is about the Olympic games among planets and some contestants are
making themselves ready for the match.
My final concept is this but it might go through some changes.
Anyways,waiting for your feedback.


That looks like a great idea. I am just finishing up my storyline and then will begin on the scene.


Very nice concept. Although your horizon is only broken by that one tower, it looks a bit too uniform. Maybe a few other tall buildings would help.


Great dynamics man… :thumbsup: The 1st concept has good sense of future/space and is kinda night-timey, but the second has great colouring and looks like Earth olympics in the future…

Nice concepts very dynamic and flowy, like everything is moving together


that’s a huge leap! I dig the perspective… maybe some more figures running around urgently on the ground. . .


This should be fun to see how someone else does this theme. Good Luck - I’ll be watching!


I like the scale, it’d be cool if you could obtain a subtle fish eye lense effect to really open up the image. And once you add the atmosphere it’ll give you a good sense of how high it really is, I’m assuming it’s touching the outer atmoshpere.


This is differnt and intersting. I like the distored prespective, but I think that maybe you should also curve to horizon to match. So there is not going to be any kind of battle going on?


That my friend is a brilliant image :thumbsup: