Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adam Herbert


Adam Herbert has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


good luck to you and i hope you do well in the comp


Thanks much dark-elf2. I appreciate it. If your enrolled as well, good luck to you too, and to all who have entered. I’ll begin posting concept sketches over the weekend. :buttrock:


Welcome to the challenge, I look forward to seeing your work.


Thanks eahartz. GL to you too!

Sketches coming soon.


Having some scanner issues, so this is the first thing I could post. I will post some paper sketches soon.


Here is my story/idea. Basically I’m going to create a futuristic D-Day. The dropships will be the main modes of transporting the soldiers, similar to the transport boats that opened at the front. They aren’t supposed to look alike, just function the same way. The soldiers will be in heavy duty armor that allows them to “float” down to the battle via two small engines which operate in burts. My vision for the whole piece is to have the soldiers jumping out of the dropships with anti-aircraft fire ripping through the soldiers/ships.

2D sketches coming soon. Until then the best I could do is the image above. :thumbsup:


Here is my first concept sketch for the soldier and armor/jump suit.


Here is the first concept sketch of the dropship.


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