Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Voytek Nowakowski


Very great work, nice pic, i like this ambiant, good luck for the end


Great piece. Beautiful colors and texturing. Great technique. This would make a wonderful book illustration. It’ll be on one of the top places for sure.



GREAT JOB Voytek !

I am glad you made time to do this because I get to see it! I think it is very profound and your time has been very well spent. :thumbsup:
Good luck in the competition and have fun with the gaming thing you’ve been working on too1 ;}


Great painting ! Impressive “tsunami”.
Your work isn’t easy to read at the first look, but it’s worth to take time to enter in it.
Congrats ! :thumbsup:


This turned out beautifully voytek…Such a rich beautiful color pallette,the tones and light are just great.The overall look is very intense and pleasing all at once…I can say a top 5 finish is a great possibility,and thats saying a lot in this fine challenge of soooooo many great entries…:thumbsup:

By the way you gallery is fantastic,I enjoyed it very much,and plan on visiting again and again…good luck to you with this,and all your future projects…:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thank you very much Virtuoso. Im glad you enjoy the work. I enjoyed creating it. :slight_smile:


Sorry offtopic… Voytek your parents are from Poland? You have very Polish name…

About art: Very good :wink:


Yes, I am Polish. :slight_smile:


Impressive change at the end of the challenge. It is quite interesting… cant say its better or worse. Its very good anyway :slight_smile: Really a unique technique! good luck!


Please post your work quickly in CG choice : you really deserve to be exposed…:bounce:
Good luck and keep the great work up ! :thumbsup:


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