Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Voytek Nowakowski


Beautiful work, Voytek. It really is improving compared to your first posts. I must confess that I didn’t make much of it when I first saw your work, but now…it’s amazing! The darkening of some parts worked out great. The only thing that doesn’t work so well (everything else is great), is the top part of the image and some of the fumes. Somehow that part of the image looks confusing and the only thing I can focus on is the pyramid and that structure far in the back. I think that perhaps you could drop some of those elements (fumes and the stalactites) to give those structures more space to “breathe”. And that white lightray doesn’t help at all.

Great work…


Sir! I’m speechless. Very powerfull rendering. Goodluck to you!


Adding some more organic elements to the piece.


Thanks alot andreasrocha and Atmospheria. I took your advice and started getting rid of that light beam. I also did some more to the top of it. Hope you like the improvements.


Hey, beautiful image. Plenty of imagination and detail in this… There’s a lot to look at but it still seems empty or deserted. Are you going to add some big event to this scene? If not, how does this fit the contest? I’ve looked at alot of entries so far and have found that alot of people are missing the contest criteria. Dont get me wrong, your painting is fantastic, it just doesnt seem like much is happening. I may be wrong and you may have intended to add some sort of huge conflict or moment in history to this, but your concepts dont show it? Nice work though by any standards :thumbsup:


Clearing up the composition. This is close to final colouring. Distant background is still not final though.


I kinda agree with Jezz (I feel like a hypocrite saying that cuz mine doesn’t exactly fit too well either.) It would be awesome if you could fit a character in the bottom right corner on a platform or landmass that is close in view or FG. I love your color scheme.


Great stuff…

I think if you could better define the towers in the foreground so that you can separate them from the cliff infront of the pyramid / temple then the image would read better. It’s a little muddy right now in regards to lighting.

Nice work to this point!


Very Eerie, need some lighting in the foreground a bit.


Amazing stuff! The coloring is just great! The only thing I can think of is that if you added some people running arround in panic, it could highten the drama of your piece, as well as reinforce the idea of a colony in decay.


I just saw the notice for the new challenge, so I apologize that some of my commentary is a bit late - I LOVED what you had in some of your previous conceptuals and Wip’s…such as the water and some of the direct light…however, what you have now is very interesting in texture, design and lighting. I think it captures the theme of this contest well, Good Job!


Wow it’s a terrible mystical ambiance, i love it great work, the color and lighting are very strong so great


Almost finished.


Thanks for everyones comments. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I want to stay away from the common idea of battle, so I dont feel the need to put in a character.


Fantastic, Voytek! Very good, really! Just one small thought: Is the tower in the middle supposed to be leaning to the left? It doesn’t seem quite right.



hehe YAY - more mORE!hehe…I am not sure about the tower thing as well…although it is subtle enough I didn’t notice until pointed out - however, with it looking like an ancient hand hewn city, I am not sure it is a huge deal. But it is good to know lol


Quite a wonderful piece you’re working on. The lush depth of the colors your using and the olive tiny to the landscape gives it a very forgotten and alien feel to it. The scene definately could use some other objects in it, perhaps people, vehicles, or even just floating chunks of land (depending on what theme you’re going for) to enhance the depth of the picture.


Getting close.


Looking excellent there Voytek! Incredible job man! I love it! Not crits at all!


Ok, It is finished. I would have liked to finish earlier, but I have been very busy art directing for a game company at the same time I was doing this painting. I had no computer access at my apartment, and had to travel to work everytime I wanted to work on the Space Opera Challenge. Often I was there very late working on the image. This is my 3rd digital work, done in Photoshop. I haven’t used any references - everything is from my imagination.

The recent Tsunami disaster in Asia influenced me to do the water in the background of the image.

This is how I view other galactic civilisations, and I believe that disasters like this will ruin those civilisations as well. After all, human kind is so determined to find life similar to our own. The two characters at the bottom are a hope that somewhere out there, there is a race of beings who can be warned by their guardian angels.

I would like to thank everyone for their positive and constructive comments. Good luck to you all.

I will see you all in this place.