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Voytek Nowakowski has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Ok, It is finished. I would have liked to finish earlier, but I have been very busy art directing for a game company at the same time I was doing this painting. I had no computer access at my apartment, and had to travel to work everytime I wanted to work on the Space Opera Challenge. Often I was there very late working on the image. This is my 3rd digital work, done in Photoshop. I haven’t used any references - everything is from my imagination.

The recent Tsunami disaster in Asia influenced me to do the water in the background of the image.

This is how I view other galactic civilisations, and I believe that disasters like this will ruin those civilisations as well. After all, human kind is so determined to find life similar to our own. The two characters at the bottom are a hope that somewhere out there, there is a race of beings who can be warned by their guardian angels.

I would like to thank everyone for their positive and constructive comments. Good luck to you all.

I will see you all in this place.


The first sketch I did for this challenge.


From what I see… I think you have a beautiful concept in the making. I look forward to seeing more.


I agree… it defintely stands out on its own and I like the organic touch. The bg has an almost traditional japanese feel. Very nice.


thats a lovely drawing. are you going to include characters/ vehicles in it? maybe you could add lyers in teh middle ground and foreground to create more space, also large things in the foreground. most elements in the drawing seem to have a smallish- medium size feel. consider varying size of teh masses an focal point in the final work/ proceeding milestones.

great work!! good luck!!


That really does look great! Considering the amount of detail you add to your sketches, the final product should be amazing. What kind of battle do you plan on adding?


Line art done from the initial sketch.
Starting to do a bit of colouring.


Doing more colouring from the previous image.


More refined colouring. Im still playing with the composition.


Continuing to colour, but I am still thinking about changing a few things before I go any further.


OHH… I admire your style, it reflects the traditional oil paintings that show off mystique lighting and warm colors, looks great so far!


I changed the foreground a little bit. Ive also done some more colouring. Im still not happy with it though.


Cool compisition, like the direction it’s going.


I dont really have anything to criticize in this so far- its turning out amazingly! I like the colors you’ve used, and th scale really seems grand.
I’m not sure what else you’ll be doing on it, so I cant say what might need improvement. If you didnt plan on doing it already, you might try darkening some areas to increase the sense of depth.
Thats all for now. Nice work.


Thanks for all the replies guys. Im glad you like it so far.

I havent had much time to work on this lately, but Ive managed to squeeze in some time and do some stuff to it.


Very nice one, but how does this fit in to this Space Opera theme?


you must be very confident in your transition into digital painting. your oil work is amazing, and the skillbase of so many years of oilwork is very obvious in this piece. keep it coming, but youre obviously having no trouble ploughing through your ideas.
best of luck


Peddy : Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for visiting my site :slight_smile:

Petri.J : How does it not relate? It is a lost civilization, somewhere in our universe. Does every piece have to show a battle or some kind of war? Does it have to include vehicles, heros or other persons? Does it have to be largly mechanical, robotic or typical sci-fi?

My work is simply a portait of space colony on the verge of extinction because of conflict. What you see here is not war, but the effects after it. This is a civilization that will leave behind its footprints and create legends for future entities.



Im following that thread from the beggining, not knowing what will come out exactly… till now. I must say that I agree with Peddy, u r a great artist who knows how to build a picture from the start to the end. Lots of action is going on in ur piece and colors r right chosen for that chaotic moment. A really nice piece!


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I have been busy. Here is an updated image, with some improvements. I am still working out ideas in my colouring stages.

Oh and I would like to thank everyone for their comments so far :slight_smile: