Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Von C. Caberte


Von C. Caberte has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The Invasion

Ehemm…One last tweak and it’s done.



cabertevon , nice work in Machine Flesh competition , keep up the good work

Good Luck and Have Fun !


Ha, ha, ha thanks, I should be the one to say that to you.
Btw my congratulations to you.



Time to warm-up
I made a rough of what I think of for the moment and decided to throw this in to keep the ball rolling. I’m trying to depict the capturing of an invader that is presented to the civilization’s highest authority.

There will be more sketches coming in
for the moment I’m hoping C and C from you guys.



Great start!!

I like the pose of the captive… the twist in his body gives the impression that he’s struggling and still fighting against the contraption on his back.

And that background looks pretty damn grand!!

Good luck…


duddlebug: Hey, thanks for your comment. Good luck to you also.


Good to see you back into it cab, great first sketch, it has a nice intensity to it, you feel the prisoners potential desperation but also strength, and also the “masterfullness” (i hope thats a word:wise: ) of the conquering nation. If your last piece is anything to go by then i can only imagine what you end up with for this challenge. Goodluck mate, ill be following your progress.:thumbsup:


Nice concept, Great start :thumbsup:


I agree with duddlebug. Pose of the captive is so alive! Im waiting for more… :slight_smile:


Hi! great start :thumbsup:

I’ve entered to the challenge! :surprised , I’ll wait to the end of november in wich my sister will lend me the computer… But keep going! I like a lot your work and I’ll be expecting a great piece :arteest:



Another version of my invader’s lurid.

I’m having a hard time capturing the ambiance that I opt to for my fleet’s interior; i just keep on sketching until I ended up with this.

C and C please.


great use of light - the vast cold interior makes the the human (err…humanoid?) interaction more chilling


I think you could reconsider the color of the ship’s floor to help solve the ambience problem. the depiction of the even is very strong and cinematic. I wonder what it would be like for another angle/ closer/ farther away?

Great work, good luck!


The second sketch looks promising.

Maybe you can increase the window size to have the possibiliy to integrate a background scene like > a destroyed city > buning planet. The viewer gets an addional impression whrere this kind of hanger is placed.



The lastest looks great…:thumbsup:

I have a suggestion… Maybe merging the 2 concepts would make a richer composition. Using the scene from the 2nd image and a floor shot looking up at the red dudes. The guards and prisoner up close and personal to us the viewer. Also Fahrija suggested a bigger window with a view of a a destroyed city or burning planet … :slight_smile:


I know that this isn’t close to your intent, but the first image, with it’s slight radial-blurring effect (don’t know if that was intentional or not), added to the explosion in the background, gives the impression that the characters are being hit by a shockwave. Just something to think about.


Nice take on the theme, the second one is pretty good. I like the red robes, really helps focus the piece.


Here at the second sketch still missing some good atmosphere. The moment is ok, but there is too much brightness in the pic. Darken some of back places, create a contrast with colors… Dark red at the back and blue or yellow where the sun rises. It would make it more spectacular… just my opinion :slight_smile:


oo but i like the second pic !


Wow… Thanks guys
combining those two concepts I think it really rocks.

Anyway, as of writing this reply I come up with some concept. It’s a depiction of an airbus terminal of a future citizenry of some sort. I’m trying to capture the mood of an ordinary terminal or port in a future setting
What you think guys?