Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


wow very detail work ! and with this level of detail . you dont need more color variation ! great stuff,

i have question , do u inspire by eastern art? because i am thai , and your work remind me of my culture art! great work! good luck


dont get me wrong i think this is awsome and all but i think there is a big problem when it comes to depth and defining form

most of the things in your image appears on one plane… and seems very flat.

anywho… i know you put alot of work into it so i just thought you might want to know.


just keeps looking better all the time. I really like the delicate transparencies. They are a perfect accompaniment to the intense, busy darks.


more and more beautiful for one of the most interesting and original work! I feel the music of the opera. Big work for an impressive result, keep it up man and i don’t think you need any kind of luck :smiley:


Steve Newport:
Thank you for your comments, the resolution of the image is 3543/2787
pix it is not enormous, that corresponds for a paper impression to a
format of 11,81/ 9,29 pouces it is small, but sufficient even for
impression even larger.
When I look at true a painting I like to
appreciate work by far like near, and I have the same step in my
realization, it may be that I decide if I like this project, to remake
it on fabric with the oil-base paint on a very large size, thus I
would have my digital model like references and could print different
party from the sufficiently large image to make the various details.
on another scale.

Thank you for your encouragements.

Thank you for your comments, I am not alienated:) I make just my

Thank you for your encouragements. I is not particularly thought of
Thaï art, for this image, but I have had the occasion to visit your
beautiful country and all these temples my interested much and I
surely kept traces in my spirit:)

Thank you for your comments which I takes into account, it is
necessary just to let me finish painting and thus you will be able Re
to judge volumes.

Thank you for your encouragements and comments.

Thank you always for your support.


Nice going with the textures! :thumbsup:
Coloring works great so far! I have a question. Are you planning on make the black heavy lines thinner and filled with color or are you going for this style? Don’t prefere one of them just wondering!

Keep it up, I really like where this strange piece of art is going! :bounce:


oh for sure … in no way did i imply it in a bad way and by all means i am sure you will do a good job with it once its done. i was just making an observation on the current stage in the rendering process.


This is simply amazing as everyone said, I like a lot the classic scifi touch.

If i have a critic it’s that we don’t feel enough the power of the engine under their feet…


Details of the working session on this zone.


Evolution of painting.


Hi Mr Tranchefeux,
Your picture is really beautiful, and unique : nobody’s work looks like yours, definitly !:thumbsup:
I also like very much your rough texture.
I would only say that the edges of the biggest planet needs to be soften…
Good luck!


omg :eek:
are you sure you’re not finished yet?? :slight_smile:


Hello Tranchefeux !

wow! this is impressing :buttrock:
the colors are coming together very nice :scream:
no crituques from me. just waiting to se the next step for this art.
i like the MOD in the pic. feels almost like it has a religous church atmosphere behind it.
will the “final” picture be more "sharpen?



Again one of the best pieces I have seen on here, amazing detail, what patience, I only hope my entry has half the impact as yours.

The only thing I’d point out or question is the larger moon on the left, is it supposed to be in front of the buildings or is it farther away in the sky? If it’s farther I would suggest having some of the buildings edges in front of it so it isn’t confusing. Right now the buildings follow the edge of the moon too much in my opinion, also I would tone it down a bit and/or soften it to give it some distance.

If the moon is in front of the buildings then it doesn’t make much sense to me for the moon to be that close to ground and in front of the structures (I know it’s fantasy art but just something I wish to point out). Maybe I’m not seeing it correctly but that’s the only part that bothers me slightly, other than that, it’s awesome!


That is one crazy painting! :eek: I love the distorted perspective and all the details. Great choice of colouring so far as well. Awesome stuff!! :thumbsup:


WOW! The colors boosted a hell of a lot your image!! :eek::eek:

Looking at all those small details I have a sense that each unit (can’t say vehicle or person!!) will start moving…

This turns out really awsome! :eek:


Thank you for your encouragements, to answer your technical
question I have semi my drawing in produced mode and below fact the
colors principal, but the great work of painting this fact on a copy
over my drawing or I makes all painting in normal mode.

thank you your answer, I like always more criticisms
objectify, which helps me to improve the things.

Thank you for your encouragements, for the engines, it is
true that have do not feel enough the power, I surely will re-examine
them at the end, but I would like to try to make last a light
atmosphere with a less important gravity, hard to make last by the

thank you for your encouragements and support.

Thank you for your encouragements,

thank you for your encouragements and support not
painting is to be finished loing, of aillor I start to look at the
time which remains me because I must make my other jobs of

Thank you once again for your active support,

Artics, SteelPixel:
thank you for your encouragements and
support. _ in connection with the moon of left it be in front of the
building for the moment, it be a ground which evolve in the
air, it be a little strange, but aesthetically I like I find that
its add some magic, but also it be true a eye trouble visuel, for the
moment I me concentrate on the painting of whole of image, but it it
can that I it make pass by again behind for return in the standard.


Pretty,pretty…Intense,and wicked,a beautiful and wild,exotic piece of art…:buttrock:


cant find my jaw… sorry… cant talk… :eek:


Whoa! Now, this is very original! I really like it. Everything just seem to work fine… no crits.
Can’t wait finished piece :slight_smile: