Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


That’s a really original work you’ve done! I’ve never seen a subject like this before and you have defitely a style of your own.:slight_smile: Great work!


Nice start on the colors! :thumbsup:
I prefer the second colorization.

Waiting for color updates on all those little details…:arteest:


Awesome crazy details! The city/temple/lifeforms angle is great. Very epic!


Exceptional,jaw dropping,really a big wow.:drool:


WOW… this is epic! I think I’ve allready mentioned how original I think this… a strong contender for sure in my opinion. My only crit so far would be that the colouring looks a little flat and there is a huge amount of detail right throughout to take in, but I still love it ; )


friend)/ered dium/Kraull/Terraarc/Mack72/Andymdk/Jezzarts…

Thank you with all for your comments and encouragement,

Bolchover: thank you for your remark which interests me much and I
takes of it good note, the things will evolve/move because I is not to
begin painting, Yours sincerely

Noelt; your comments are completely exact, I thank you and I
would try to put them into practice, once painting started, for the
moment I pass only which colors under my drawing to find good the

Fahrija; thank you for your remark which is true, but I made this
choice for your aesthetic reason, have can say that there are your
grounds smaller which floats in the air with a different gravitation
in this civilizations, which can bring back a little magic, well with

Banter3; thank you for your remarks.

Right say on the last post, that I is not to start
painting, I make just the search of the harmony of the colors, which
makes a little unmethodical for the moment, the colors passed quickly
under my drawing, the thing will evolve/move, but on this kind of
projects or there are small details the elements have evil to express
itself because the size of the stations is small “150k” compared to
the real size of the visual one.

Thank you to deliver to me your opinion for the choice of the harmony
of the colors while knowing that I seek an old environment but not too
a little like an old table.

Yours sincerely.



New search for the harmony of the colors.


I think a good balace between 2 & 4 will be the best… 1 & 3 are too green…

Keep it up :thumbsup:


I like #2. What I’d love to see is a bit more depth fading, some more atmosphere.

The blacks in the landscape in the background are as strong as those in the foreground, which is flattening the piece. I think there is so much phenomenal detail in the image that a little separation is necessary to pull out the key elements. Modifying your tones and adding a bit more atmosphere on near and far objects will help to do this.

A wonderful piece regardless!


I think nothing!
It is awesome!


hello france. i think the pic will be more “powerful” if you add in more “blue” color in it.
just my opinion :slight_smile:



that’s grand!:thumbsup:


Thats just nuts. I vote for number 2. I think that the reds give the image just the right tone. But I also like that little red detail work on the planet from #4.


Thank you with all for your last supports, and helps for the choice of
the harmony of the colors, I started to it true painting of the
project and chose harmony 2 but with a little of the 4, I post soon,
Thank you still for your support.
Yours sincerely.


:thumbsup: :buttrock: Really wicked,really intense,really excellent…a scary amount of depth…i would go for just a little more vibrant colors,this scene is wild and fierce,it needs as much color intensity as can be…but…I think you should still keep the darker type mood,what you already have…Possibly just added intensity/vibrancy but dont fool with it too much as it is so very nice/wicked now…


Starting of painting.


Details of a party of work.


This is just absolutely rediculous! I can’t even comprehend the amount of detail you have going on and the complexity of the piece!! I would feel myself luck if I had half the concentration and focus you appear to have! It’s absolutely stunning. What resolution are you painting at?
Seriously, this is something that should be gracing a 5-story wall
Anyway, the only advice I can give is, with your extraordinarily complex linework, make sure you use shadows to give the viewer a sense of each object’s form so it doesn’t end up looking like a big mess of lines. You’re doing great and it’s 100% original


i was checking around and seen your work amazing this is an awesome piece of art

colors and detail are wonderfull you are doing a very impresive job here and with much imagination on your work :thumbsup:


…wow…friggin’ insane man! I want the whole story behind this, a comic, storyboards and a script, I don’t care! I’m totally intrigued by it. Excellent work.