Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


The first search for the harmony of the colors you project, I pass
just from the hues quickly under my layout, once my choice made I
would start painting.

Première recherche pour l’harmonies des couleurs tu projet, je passe juste des teintes rapidement sous mon tracé, une fois mon choix fait je démarrerais la peinture.


Amazing details!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
Waouwww, excellent work, i very like the style, my brain is coming out of my head, too much detaiiiiilllsssss… very very cool!! :cool:

Waiting to see update…

Amazing work and good style! :beer:


The second search for the harmony of the colors.

Deuxième recherche pour l’harmonies des couleurs.


I like the 2nd version of the colours. Very nice piece. It looks very epic.


your work is very impressive

i like your characters
good luck:thumbsup:


Now that is what I call a detailed picture:thumbsup: Impressive man… I admire you! I also prefer the 2 color verion, but would advice to try the blue colors with the low saturation for the buidings…


The coloring gives a new dimension to those awesome details :eek:

Brilliant :bounce: my favorite 2d picture for this contest.
Your art is great.


Wow…the detail in this is simply mind blowing O_O! The funny thing is that even with everything going on, its still easy to make out separate objects. Despite the presence of a mech, the colors and styling have a very old, somewhat asian feel to them. Love it, keep it up :smiley:


Hi Tranchefeux, it’s coming along beautifully. I was of two minds as to putting colour on your incredible line art, but it works well I think. I’d say trying to mimic some subtle washes of ink would suit the line style beautifully, and you are doing that now. Less is more, don’t detract from the huge effort you put into the lines. So unique, surreal, steampunk… :bowdown:


I think there’s too many details, hehehe



That is crazy wicked!

That’s all i have to say.


Wow, what an exquisitely detailed piece of work. Recalls memories of pouring over Richard Scary’s books as a child, with the intricately detailed images of busy little towns…

I very much like the gothic feel to it…kind of japanese fighting robots meet notre dame. Very cool…



Hye, it is really good, you can see that my english is even worse than yours. Indeed, it is very ambitious, very intemized and, especially, very original, goes on just like that i think that you have your chances it indeed goes out certainly of the common place. I wait with impatience the final version

Un peu de français,…là je me sens mieux, bon courage et continu comme ça, c’est vraimment trés bien, comme dit notre ami belge, ça déchire le slip


very interesting style! I have a couple of comments: the chimneys or spires (or whatever…) at bottom right seem very flat in comparison to everything else; in contrast, the moons look a bit too speherical (we all know moons are spherical, but does the moon every actually look spherical?); the composition is curious, though I would suggest perhaps a brighter or lighter colour to bring out the faces, which would work well for me. At the moment I believe the metal plates on the calves of the righthand figure (of the main pair) capture all (or too much) of the viewers attention - tone them down a bit, and it’ll work much better - I think anyway. :slight_smile: hope this helps


very good details i like it:thumbsup:


By no means can i do anything as detailed as this but there is a rule which i think you should use a little because this is very good work. The rule is that lines in front are darker and thicker than lines behind, this scale is so big that this rule would clarify some things for the viewer and i think it would almost assure you contention…hopefully a win.There is a lot of overlapped stuff there, i know you are not finished yet, i just wanted to point out things that would tighten up the piece, the foreground is the thing i’d like to see really strongly presented. The foreground is actually HUGE and DARK in my mind. What do you think?

P.S. is that moon on the left inside the city??


Hi Tranchefeux,

Very impressing development and interessting use of color.

The position of the planet behind the fighting characters looks strange to me because it seems to be placed infront of the buildings. I think the left part must run off behind the buildings.



Holy crud, great detail. Nice concept - A+ for originality dude. Did I just write that dorky comment? Anyway, you’re a breath of fresh air and a relief from all the spaceships, spacebattles, and over-sized blaster gun death ray things. I should talk - I’m working on my ship right now. Only comment I got for ya is I thought it would be nice if you could get more of a metalic feel to some of the textures that look as if you were going for metal, and are dominated by alot of the black you still have in there from working around your fantastic sketch.
see ya round.


finaly you start the colorisation!!!
go ninja ,GO

enfin tu attaque la couleur!
vas-y tue toute la terre!:scream:


Wow, it looks great, it’s to different from the rest. The colors are very nice.
One of the best artworks.