Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


Well, amazing piece of work ! I wonder how are gonna be the colors.
A plus tard !!!


Tres bien mon ami!

I absolutly love your style. so intricate and grand.

The collossal feel to this is amazing . . . i think the whole image just ozzes beuty and sophistication of a great advanced civilisation. As i said before i love the fact that the arhictecture is old school. very nice touch.
Great sense of depth as well . … will be even more pronouced with colour.
I think your idea is one of the most unique here.

The title rocks by the way!

One of my favs i think.


I love this even more now , i wanted to suggest paying close attention to the rule of darks being closer and lights being further away, that foreground structure is the reason for the suggestion. You are french and never heard of Philippe Druillet ? That’s some serious use of perspective, aerial perspective is the key to this one. Is that foregorund structure EXTREMELY long?? Also all lines closer to the viewer are thicker and darker.


Excellent man!!Indeed There is some kind of old school drawings in this pic!!!

With the space opra theme it’s great,the architecture really wellworked out.

Now I’m quit curious how you gonna work this out with all those details in colors.!!!

May the force be with you!!!

Que la force soit avec toi,et continue comme ca ,ca déchire son slip grave:D !!!

My Space bra 2d:


WOW! Talk about detail. and what makes this very very good is that you were still able to sustain a great seens of space in a very details composition. :slight_smile: Great work, I look forward to your progress.!


Wow, magnifique :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

What details, absolutely great… cant wait for the colors. :bounce: It reminds me the drawings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi of which Im a big fan.

Keep the great art :smiley:


I like Your style. Very oryginal and easy to recognize.


Awesome piece. The detail and scale of the image is just great. No real critique.


Wow theres a lot of detail and depth in you piece. It a really different piece, looks pretty cool too. It is a little bit “busy” looking though, maybe it’ll be alright when you intorduce some color. Cool stuff, keep it up man :buttrock:


Hi Tranchefeux,

your latest post approved what your first image indicated. This one is a very unique looking piece of art. Looks very grand. I´m looking forward to see your first colored version.



Crazy picture man!


Wicked and wild insanity…I love it,looking dangerous and out of this World…Love the details and designs,just an impressive piece of wild goodness…Keep it on high octane tranchefeux…:arteest: :arteest:


queep going on good friend!:bounce:


this is the one that haunts me when i think of this competition . I can feel the ballet type thing your going for its very cool and original, epescially since the characters look like they could be very destructive , its ironic. I can’t wait till those start coming , I hope you stay true to the feel of the image.


this is really intense and fascinating - everytime I’m scrolling through I just stop and stare at it. like nomad said, Piranasi in Space!


your style amaze me…i dunno where to start that. keep on Tranchefeux :beer:


It’s very detail.So much my eyes cannot see all for many minutes.Really a excellent work.:applause:


Hello FRANCE! :slight_smile:
nice to se that update. more and more details nice nice nice :slight_smile:
cant wait to se when you start to color this pice of art :slight_smile:
nothing more to say. that i am waiting for more Updates. Feeeel the presure!




Your originality is killing me. Incredible work.


Hi, Right thank you for all your last comments on my GSO,