Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


Nothing less than a perfect image for this challenge. The amount of details is breathtaking (and I know u hear that all the time… anyway I needed to express my feelings as well :)) and ur concept just fit into the title. The colors, characters, everything… awesome! Wish u the best, u deserve it! good luck!


Outstanding work and fabulous technique…job well done :thumbsup: Goodluck


Awesome Styl!!
You Had my Vote!:slight_smile:


I have looked throughout many impressive pieces here in the 2D and the 3D sections.This is one of my top 2 in the 2D section.Just a fantastic and epic piece.Again top 2 for me and in very tough competition.:buttrock: :buttrock:


I honestly hope that this will be available as a poster some day. I already see it hanging in my livingroom.


Congratulations Tranchefeux!!! :thumbsup:


nice to see originality carries , congratulations on great work :beer:

u gonna make a hyperrealistic version of this ? :smiley:


Congrats man… awesome job!


I agree to squibbit - congratiulations to your well-deserved positioning in the ranking.

best regards


Congrats! I really love the richness of your piece. Just wonderful!! :slight_smile:


Congrats buddy! You deserve it:thumbsup:




Thanx for your kind words, and BIG congrats for your price : you fully deserved it (to be honest, I would have given you the 1st price ).
Good luck for your projects ! :thumbsup:


One of the best pieces in this challenge for sure. Im glad Im seeing u on top of the list man, u deserve it with all ur effort u’ve put into this pic.
Congratulations and I hope i’ll see much more of ur work.
cya in next challenge!


congrats man - well deserved! Really stunning work.


Feliciitations, je savais que tu finirais dans le trio de tête


congrats man, when my heart sank at the first sight of this artwork,i knoew this will win it for sure…congrats once again :buttrock::love:


Congrats man! Your work was my favourite one. :slight_smile:


There is justice in the world, to see you among the finalists. I’m so glad that your original vision was rewarded. Congratulations!



Wow… the creativity and originality to this piece is absolutely astounding. It completely is deserving of it’s win, hands down; it’s works like this that truly inspires me to return to the world of 2D CG.

A superb job. :thumbsup:


Right statement a small word to thank you, for all your supports, very
sympathetic nerve, I am very glad to have received a price, even if
much deserved one of them also, I hope to be able taken part in a
forthcoming challenge and to find you all, I congratulate new once the
finalist and all those which would have deserved a price, cheer with

For those which that interest I gathered all my images of my
challenge in a small gallery: GSO EXPO GALLERY.
And you will be able to see or I my hid in painting.

With soon for the next one perhaps?

E.T :arteest: