Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


Hey Tranchefeux,
Your image has a great texture to it and the image itself has some great scale to it.:thumbsup: Nice job. Those are massive characters. Good luck in the challenge.


Today I visit your Grand Space Opera…It is shock for me! I see that you are Artist ,very talent man,with a special fantasy and style.Your work so professional and unique,not cliche, that real artist will understanding it! To create something classical and understandably to perception-is not so difficult goal,but to keep individuality-it is so hard! Good luck!:slight_smile:


Wicked beauty at it’s best…beautiful and intense piece.Mood is surreal and has such wonderful depth…A wild space opera,and a wonderful piece of art…Just “fantastique” 100% …tranchefeux…beautiful results,and again wicked.:buttrock: :buttrock:


Hey man !!

Great job !
Good luck with your piece!
It’s a very original way you choose, and you did it with magnifi----science !!

I wish you all the best in the world !

See you on the next one !!

Luter (aka goli)


I dont know what to say anymore :slight_smile:

You’ve done an amazing image Tranchefeux. I wish you the best, great great job.


Hi Tranchfeux,

A stunning peace of art and a very different way to visualize this topic. Excellent!



Outstanding and absolutely mindblowing. One of the most original pieces here by far.

Well done!


Utterly, utterly incredible work… Truly original, visually stunning and an interesting take on the theme.



Thank you still with all for your last sympathetic supports super, for
the end of this adventure GSO, which my amused well and distract at
time that you I hope for it. It images super did there many for this
challenge and which levels my eyes, I wish with all successes that
they hope, but the essential one is to leave grown and to have learned
full with things by observing all manufacture from these creations.
Yours sincerely all.:applause:

PS; Have are, or? :eek: I hid in the image, following my small enigma :deal: :
"I was present and see you in my representation of this great day of
commemoration, in memories of the unions passed for the harmony of our
world, thus we celebrate: STRUCTURAL THE RECONCILIATION " :cool:


absolutely beautiful piece… groudbreaking digital art! Enter it into Expose 3, it smells of ‘master award’


this is utterly mindblowing,my heart sinks at the amount of detail here man…this is simply a blissful image ,for a detail lover like myself.
really thanks so much for sharing…this looks like number 1 !!! …:argh::bowdown::argh::bowdown::argh::bowdown:


mazing details ! A masterpiece ! Great ! Congratulation !


Beautiful result !
I wish you appear in the five best pictures of the challenge.
Good luck ! :applause:


I wanted to mention again that your work is fantastic and has a wicked appeal and in depth and fully detailed beauty…I applaud your art here very much tranchefeux…Congratulations on a excellent and most wicked Picture…:buttrock: :arteest: :arteest:


The most original work of the contest I’ve seen. :slight_smile: Someplaces seem to be slightly overdetailed to me, but otherwise I really love it! :love:

Good luck and best wishes! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


:eek: :eek: Great Great level of details!!:eek: :eek:

AND Fantastic idea:thumbsup:



Wow this is an awesome amount of detail. Being a detail freak myself I appluad you. Great original entry, very bizzare twist. The concept is just mind boggling. Congradulations on a great finale and good luck in the finals.


Nice Classic style good luck for Voting.:applause:


Wow, this is one of very few pieces that actually are grand and are an opera!
Great work!

Do you plan to make a huge res available for download or sell it as a poster?


Amazing image:eek:

Great concept y excellent details.

Good luck:thumbsup: