Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


New overall picture, I let still a little rest to be on being fully
satisfied, before the sendings final.

*Nouvelle vue d’ensemble, je laisse encore un peu reposer pour être sur d’être pleinement satisfait, avant l’envois final.


Like how you’ve brought the main figures out by playing with the contrast / levels in the piece.

Looking awesome!

Great work!


Slightly slightly reduce the red on the top. Otherwise is just perfect :slight_smile:


Hi Tranchefeux,

Very beautiful picture. No crits - just my gratulation for creating such a stunning image.



Man it turned out pretty awsome! :thumbsup:

I like the color variation from down to top (I think it’s cold to warm color…but not quite keen on such things…)

Best wishes mate!!:thumbsup:


Painting is now definitively finished, here some zoom on different part.

*La peinture est maintenant définitivement terminé, voici quelques zoom sur différentes partie.


Details of painting.


Details of painting.


Details of painting.


Details of painting.


Details of painting.


Details of painting.


In 3060 of our air, following many space forwardings with discovered
other galaxy, a team of browser brought back on our ground come from a
remote planet or had lived formerly large civilizations, some objects
found randomly of the excavations. Among these objects appeared a wood
panel of big size or appeared a painting which had resisted time and
seemed to have several centuries, of the symbols was register with the
back of this painting. Our translators could decipher these signs
which said: “I was present and see you in my representation of this
great day of commemoration, in memories of the unions passed for the
harmony of our world, thus we celebrate:THE RECONCILIATION STRUCTURAL”

All my thanks with the challengers for their various supports,
encouragements and critical on my GSO.
Yours sincerely and good luck with all.

En 3060 de notre air, suite aux nombreuses expéditions spatiales à la découverte d’ autres galaxie,
une équipe d’explorateur ramena sur notre terre venu d’une planète lointaine ou avait vécu jadis une grande civilisations,
quelques objets trouvé au hasard des fouilles. Parmi ces objets figurais un panneau de bois de grande taille ou figurais une peinture qui avait résisté au temps et semblait avoir plusieurs siècles, des symboles était inscris au verso de cette peinture.
Nos traducteurs ont pu déchiffrer ces signes qui disait:
“Je fut présent et vous vois dans ma représentation de ce grand jour de commémoration, en souvenirs des unions passé pour l’harmonie de nos monde, ainsi nous fêtons: THE RECONCILIATION STRUCTURAL”

Tous mes remerciement aux challengers pour leurs différents supports, encouragements et critiques sur mon GSO.
Bien à vous et bonne chance à tous.


That’s it, it is finished, that want you that I say, any criticism has to formulate, it is geant, and unique in the competition, whether it is the idea or the realization. I made the tour of the realization, there are of very big works, and some, not finished which will be sublimate, but if the graphic quality is often present, nobody has this originality, a big bravo and good luck, although I think that you will make parties of the main platoon

Ca y est, c’est fini, que veux tu que je dise, aucune critique a formuler, c’est geant, et unique dans le concours, que ce soit l’idée ou la réalisation. J’ai fait le tour des réalisation, il y a de trés grandes oeuvres, et certaines, non fini qui seront surement sublimes, mais si la qualité graphique est souvent présente, aucune n’a cette originalité, un grand bravo et bonne chance, bien que je pense que tu feras partis du peloton de tête


Now doubt in my mind your work really makes a big impression. Simply fantastic and extremely detailed to the level that could not be imagine. Its got a strange story to it but very different. Congratulations on finishing it and all the best of luck to you. Which I’m sure you will do very well.


very detailed…very nice. :bounce:


Perfect work mate! Wishing the best on this wonderful piece…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


superb conclusion to all your work. well done :slight_smile:


Truly amazing painting. You are a master of your technique. Congratulations!


Amazing :applause: a wonderful work !!