Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


Absolutely the most unique entry I’ve seen yet. Bravo!


The amount of detail in this is insane! I can picture this as a gigantic wall painting depicting some long forgotten legends. It looks amazing.


And just still thank you for your new supports and critical,
For my painting it remains to be made to me:
The steps which aren’t finished, I still have planets,
and to perhaps change their hues? and
adjustments, I would like all to finish this week, for let rest a
little, before the ultimate final improvement for the final one.
With soon, for the very close end…

Yours sincerely.
E.T :arteest:


To arrive to me here at the end of this painting, I estimate to have
finished as a whole. And corrections of colors I like the various
adjustments (for the moment?), and it is for me the end of a long
course when I look at my first drawing for the idea of the project.

I will let it rest a little my eyes, for a new glance, because I it is
that I still will improve some small things.

The end of a painting on which I have to pass a little time is for me
a disorder, because after him to have to better give my, I will let it
live his graphic advance, it is a kind of abandonments a relation
which this finishes, while waiting for a forthcoming realization.

*Me voici arriver au terme de cette peinture, j’estime avoir finie dans l’ensemble.
Les différents réglages et corrections de couleurs me plaise (pour le moment?), et c’est pour moi la fin d’un long parcours quand je regarde mon premier dessin pour l’idée du projet.

Je vais la laisser reposer un peu de mes yeux, pour un regard neuf, car je c’est que je vais encore retoucher quelques petite choses .

La fin d’une peinture sur la quelle j’ai passer un peu de temps est pour moi un trouble, car après lui avoir donner de mon mieux , je vais la laisser vivre son cheminement graphique, c’est une sorte d’abandons une relation qui ce termine, en attendant une prochaine réalisation.


Great work Tranchefeux!
Easily the most work demanding entry in this challenge!
I love the fact youre going for gigantic poster look so much small detail.
Lovely close ups! :thumbsup:

Finally some depth is appearing! Keep going with the greenish blue color from the left building. Once you have enveloped the scene with it will be like dream :thumbsup:

Sky needs some detailing. Those brownish streaks. Almost like coffee marks needs to go.

Dont quit yet! So much to do! :bounce: :bounce:
Carry on! Remember that great men do need to suffer for art!


Without any doubt, this is the most detailed, creative entry in the contest. I like the old, oriental designs on it, and whats amazing is that with so much going on, its easy to make out whats happening. Brilliant use of color and lighting.


Always great, for me it’s probably the best image for the style and the originality, it’s the end of your works, great great great:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Ahhhh ben me v’la a reparler français, je me sens bien mieux, comme je l’ai déjà dit je pense que c’est ici l’une des meilleurs images du challenge, ne serait ce que par son originalité et par la technique de peinture, c’est vraiment géant, je suis fan, à mon humble avis, y va y avoir un français dans le peloton de tête
vraiment un trés bon work, oooops travail


…optimistic thema!
And cool realisation :thumbsup:
Bonne chance!
Et puis quelqu’un qui s’inspire encore des méthodes de Léonard cela force le respect :love:
(respect for the Leonard Da Vinci perspective)


Simply amazing sir. I just had to comment on this. This is very original and different from any other entry in this contest. Keep up the good work.


Beautiful result, really unique : it’s so different from what you have previously done… congrats for your ability to diversify your creation, and your capacity to achieve it in a great result !

Beau resultat, vraiment singulier : complètement different de ce que j’ai déjà vu de toi - peinture hyperréaliste -. Félicitation pour ton éclectisme talentueux ! :thumbsup:
Bonne chance ! :scream:


Yes yes… its giant, its grand. No crits here… I really like it :slight_smile:


Excellent man - it is very renassance (sp?) in texture and style. Very unique subject matter as well. Props!

To me it is lacking a sense of drama because all of the details are in focus - I guess I don’t know where to look first. Amazing though you have obviously put a lot of time into this.


Really beautiful man , i love your style. You are a real master of perspective. Did you use indian mythology as inspiration?

French translation :vraiemment tres jolie.,jaime ton style.Test un maitre de la perspective. Test tu inspirer de la mythologie de lindouisme?



C’est absolument fantastique! J’admire ton style et ton travail meticuleux! Les couleurs sont aussi tres bien choisies. Bonne chance!

Absolutely fantastic! I like your style and your meticulous work! Color scheme works very well! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Wow, very cool This has been one of my favorite pieces on here. Thanks for sharing your art with us all, it’s completely unique and cool!


love the detail,eventhough texture quality shared in lot of overlapping areas,

well done


Thank you for your supports and comments, which are always
important to progress.

Thank you for your supports and comments, I am content that
the style old woman painting likes, because I have to try to make as
Ci the tables had several century.

Thank you the new ones for your support, I hope that my image
will not find of another fan, in any case I am glad to have
finished it or almost, because I still polish some details.

*Merci de nouveaux pour ton support, j’ espère que mon n’ image trouveras d’autre fan, en tout cas je suis content de l’avoir fini ou presque, car je peaufine quelques détails encore.

Franchy Pilou:
Thank you for your supports and comments, yes
I am inspired many the techniques traditional, because I practise it
besides especially the oil-base paint it there with great chance that
I remake it in truths painting.

Thank you for your encouragements which touches me.

Thank you for your Parisien support (you is in which corners
besides), Yes its exchange of my job commercial which are commands of
agency, but that is very close to my paintings personnel, in
painting traditional.

Thank you for your supports, and good luck for your

Thank you for your support, Oui there are no badly details,
because that corresponds to my temperament, and that is with my
graphic cultures, I like to appreciate the things by far like near.

Thank you for your supports and comments, I am not
especially to inspire by Hindouisme mythology, because the image it is
made without too much direction specific, but I am interested in full
with different cultures graphics and the things arises, one day or the

Thank you for your supports and comments.

thank you for your support.

Thank you for your encouragements which touches me.


The texture onthis peice is amazing.

nice work


:slight_smile: very detailed scene, as you say, you dont have been especially inspired by Hindouisme mythology, but I imagine the Vimhanas indian myths… those ships that describe ancients Indi-books…

Ton image donne le vertige par le nombre de détails, j´aimerai voir la version HI-res, pour admirer touts les details… :thumbsup:


Here just some modifications brought before the final one, I slightly
increased the dancers who was too small by contribution with the other
characters of the scene of the foreground, of small the completions
were also made by places, I also shifted the scene which was under the
foot of the structures because it was too confused the small scenes of
the bottom were given from the good point of view.

*Voici juste quelques modifications apportés avant la final, j’ai agrandi légèrement les danseurs qui était trop petit par apport aux autres personnages de la scène du premier plan, des petits finitions ont été également fait par endroits, j’ai aussi décalé la scène qui était sous le pied de la structures car c’était trop confus. les petites scènes du fond ont été remises dans la bonne perspective.