Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


Yep man!!!Although this image is really amazing I agree with Rue_Padinha that you should introduce some distance effetcs like smog etc,etc.
Or maybe desuture a little the background to obtain abetter impression of deepness.
Great,great artwork!!!

My Grand SpaceBra 2d:


Congratulations! Its work is impressive!

Its method of work is inspired!

Congratulations one more time!
[ ]'s


Beauty and wickedness meet …:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Hey Tranchfeux,

what to say - crazy image! No crits at all > just my encouragement.
This image has got a lot of detail without loosing grandness and unique stye.



Man, this is epic…


Avec autant de détail, auras tu le temps de finir avant la fin? Parce que là, chapeau, je pense que tu as tes chances pour être dans les mieux placés, que ce soit dans l’idée ou dans la réalisation
vraiment bien

My 2d space opéra


quite different from the usual stuff and what should i say i love it :wink:
if it would be a normal pic i would sug. some more deepness,lighting/shadowing for a less flat
result but thats quite useless for this sort of style so keep it as it is and thx for sharing it with us.


strange style,but i do like it man.good luck


OKMER: I thank you for your support and comments painting is not
finished yet and will evolve/move in the direction of your remark it
is just necessary to await the next post.

Thank you for your encouragements and support.

Thank you once again moreover for your support, Alien of the 3d your
work inversion:)

Thank you for your encouragements and support.

Thank you for your encouragements and support.

Thank you for your encouragements, I think that I would have finished
in the time because I but speed lights in this moment, I think of
finishing the next week, thank you still for your support.
*Merci pour tes encouragements, je pense que j’aurais fini dans les délai car je mais la vitesse lumières en ce moment,
je pense terminer la semaine prochaine, merci encore pour ton support.

Thank you for your encouragements and support once painting
thus finished soon I would make adjustments for the atmospheric
prospect but the image will keep are spirit charged.

Thank you for your comments and support.


++:beer: ++:beer: ++:beer: ++:beer:



You’ve entered 2005 with a quite spectacular image here! Wishing the best for this new year! More “WOW” and more creativity in your head mate!!:thumbsup:


New working session, this time advance it is made on the city the
other scenes are also finished.

*Nouvelle séance de travail, cette fois l’avancement c’est fait sur la ville.
les autres scènes sont également terminées.


Details of the meeting of painting on the left part of the city.

*Détails de la séance de peinture sur la partie gauche de la ville.


Every time I go in here, I want to write something about this amazing piece of art. But nothing to add, people has said it all. Now, I want to be a part of this thread, before the challenge ends, so here is my words;

Level of details is crazy. I just don´t understand how a piece like this is done, really. And it is the most unique idea in both the 2d section, and in the 3d(I think, ofcource haven´t watched all works…). You have a great future ahead with this kind of talent. Just stay focused, and everything will happen, I promise you!

Hope to see this image as the winner of the 2d section.



Hi mate!

Great job with the structural detail! This is one of the most difficult aspects to pull off and you’re doing a brilliant work imho…

Also I’m glad you’ve added the fog and volumetric lighting to the background planes.
Truly grand stuff :thumbsup:


yea this is one crazy piece of work with all the details n stuff , bravo dude !


New overall picture of the advance of painting, the city of the
bottom is now finished as well as the scene and the cathedral I made
some adjustments on the structures for better an integration in the
decorations and to play with the atmospheric prospects, there remain
to me still the steps suspended to carry out but I can finally say
that I arrive at the end soon, once the work of painting finished he
will remain surely some adjustment and completions.

*Nouvelle vue d’ensemble de l’avancement de la peinture,
la ville du fond est maintenant terminé ainsi que les scène et la cathédrale,
j’ai fait quelques réglages sur les structures pour une meilleur intégration dans le décors
et jouer avec les perspectives atmosphériques, il me reste encore les gradins suspendu à exécuter.
mais je peux enfin dire que j’arrive à la fin, bientôt, une fois le travail de la peinture terminé,
il restera sûrement quelques réglage et finitions.


I’m sorry I haven’t posted on your thread sooner: You’re really doing beautiful work, and the details are just fantastic. And you easily have the most original concept I’ve seen.

It’s all looking great, but I just wanted to point out one area that I’m having touble with: The big planet in the background really comes forward a lot, feeling to me like it’s much closer than i think it’s supposed to be. It’s because of its strong contrast, light on dark, cool on warm (especially those very worm hues at the top of the piece.) Decreasing the contrast some could help push it into the background more… Provided, of course, that that’s something that you want to do. If not, no worreis! Good luck with it, and great work!



Wow…so much details! Altough i can not focus anywhere on the image but i’m respectful to your patience! really…respect man! keep it up!


I love the addition of the red in the sky and it seems you’ve added a red tint as well. I think that’s really helped the piece. Amazing detail and imagination…

I do think that the upper left corner (buildings, planet area) is the most unresovled portion of the piece (if I can say that with so much amazing work going on). I would be tempted to treat the transition from building to planet much the same way you did in the upper right hand corner of the piece. I know you must be struggling with using that portion of the planet to frame your main characters in the blue of the planet… but I think that’s becoming to obvious and is taking away from the rest of the piece.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Beautiful work!


Tranchefeux, if you do not come out a winner in this challenge, expose 3 surely has a masters award waiting for you. This piece alone has advanced the potential and quality of digital media and broken new grounds in style. Great work, I wish great things for you