Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


What an amazing visual density! I just wondering the originality of the concept, I really like this work. Good luck!


really good tecnique keep going.:thumbsup:


Working session on the structure of right-hand side.


Details of painting.


Progression of painting in are together.


Thank you with all your last comments on the last stations, the
progression is long, I am a little on holiday now thus I go advanced
capacity a little more quickly, I wish with all happy spend of
Christmas, for those which celebrates it.
Yours sincerely.


this is looking great! i like how you managed to solve the issue of keepng a focused image in spite of a multitude of detail.


Nice updates on coloring mate! :thumbsup:
The details are really keep popping out with colors added…

Best wishes :slight_smile:


Progression of painting on the other structures.


Details of painting01.


Details of painting02.


Je vois que le travail avance, les détails sont de plus en plus fignolés, le choix de couleur colle trés bien avec le style du dessin, trés bon travail


I just love your drawings, I have nothing to say, except one question: Did your composition evolve from some classical structure, or was it completely “free”?


Hi there!

Greeeeeat stuff!!! I love how your composition conveys the sense of scale, and I truly love your larger than life concept!

However, I find that in a scene this massive you should add some distance based effects, like haze and fog. This truky helps the eye to understand the relative scale of the elements!

Love the colors! Maginificent work overall… keep it yp!:bounce: :applause: :bounce:


Hi Tranchefeux,

no crits, mate. :slight_smile: Great style. This one looks so completly different compare to your award winning picture. How do you get this canvas look I´ve seen in your close up images?



Thank you for your support compatriot.

Claudio Jordao
I have a little evil to include/understand your
question?“but” for the drawing it it is freely built pieces per
pieces… Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your comments and your support for the atmospheric
effects of prospect, I would see at the end, the adjustments and

Thank you for your support yes they is a little different from the
work of the “cat”, here I want to be more painting, for your question
about the fabric it is very simple I have to use true a fabric which I
worked with matters and color then scanner and I played with the
copies above.


You are walking great to your target!:thumbsup:

Nothin to crit except maybe that suggestion by Rui_Padina…the amount of details is gigantic! Coloring really does added work to this fine piece of art! :slight_smile:


Wow what fantastic detail, colouring is great and the idea is unique…well done :thumbsup:


Progression of painting on the scene of foreground


Details of painting.