Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tranchefeux


Wow! Treanchefeux, this is going better everytime! I do not imagine it in colors but I see it is going high. The ground perspective looks beutifull, with a great atmosfere. The only thing I do not like is the planet behind the first couple. It is too big and it is placed over some architectural structures so it looks to heavy, almost over the dancers, smashing them. I would prefer it to go behind the buildings, with the same size but up in the sky. Congrats! Good work!


it was more like a canvass work. totally excellnet job. you’re one digital renaisance man! très grand. good luck.


Absolutely stunning Tranchefeux! Your attention to detail is phenominal!!

Ithink you got a really good shot at winning this!! Well done!:buttrock:


Excellent picture))


Hi Tranchefeux,

no critics - very constant and impressive development with a big portion of individual/unique drawing style.



you know you are A KILLER!!
pretty massive work, i am with you!

tu sais que tu déchire!!
je te le redis car tu n’as pas la grosse tête,
mais ça viendra avec le temps.


This VERY VERY coool. So hard to crit.
Like someone said, the power from their feet doesn’t feel strong enough. That could also be because there is no cast light eminating from it upon the architecture around. Of course I’m guessing you were planning to add this in later, but that’s all i can really crit.
It’s all the shues, I’m havinga tought time of it just in the beginning… nyyah…



Detail of the matter work to give more character and this to bring
closer true a oil-base paint traditional.

Détail du travail de matières pour donner plus de caractère et ce rapprocher d’une vrai peinture à l’huile traditionnel.


The structure of left is almost completed, but all the remainder
remains to be made.

La structure de gauche est presque achevé, mais tout le reste reste à faire.


Progression of painting in are together, I have Re considered the moon
of left and I it is replaced behind.

Progression de la peinture dans sont ensemble, j’ai re considéré la lune de gauche et je l’est replacé derrière.


Thank you with all, for your last comments and encouragement, I
re-examined the moon, by contribution with your last remark, I think
now that it is better and these bitchy girl with you, thank you, I
hope that of matters you will like the effects, I want to really
approach true an old painting. It y still much of work so that I
finish, but there remain 30 days. I remain attentive with your remarks
and comments, thank you still.



Man, I just love your work… it’s really amazing!


Amazing progress and level of detail! Colors really boost your sketch…and the old painting look is pretty much achieved…Waiting for “one months touchings and tweaks!” :thumbsup:


This is amazing stuff.Such a scene,too wild for my imagination.One of the true inspirations for me.:bowdown: :bowdown:


It looks very old picture with all that desaturated color scheme and texture that it has… But i think that the planet behind the main pair pops out too much, come infront of them coz of too saturated colors. I would almoust completely desaturated it, maybe lighten up it a bit, but nothing else… And Im not sure about this blue tone also. Those parts explode the picture in several pieces… Thats the way it works to me. I agree that the blue should be used here, but in bigger pieces so it wouldnt be just here and there, some spots. My thoughts… otherwise, it is wooooaaaaw :thumbsup:


i think its comming along very nice… i dont understand why you chose to go with this particular style but i really like how the moon turned out. i like the colors and all… very nice.


Just a real baeuty of a picture…Intense,vivid,sureal in many ways,wicked to the core…:cool: :arteest:


That’s better! (at least to me)
I didn’t mean to be picky but not knowing where the moon was bothered me, now I see the relation and it looks great.
I also disagree about more power coming out of their rockets, this peace has a peaceful almost elegant them to it, I think stronger rockets would disrupt the harmony.
Excellent stuff, it’s looking so good and you say you have more to do, wow!


terrible bravo ! incroyable travail de détail et tout…:thumbsup:
work everything


man that latest image is so cool…so much detail :applause: