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Tranchefeux has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: 42/ Painting Final “THE RECONCILIATION STRUCTURAL”

In 3060 of our air, following many space forwardings with discovered
other galaxy, a team of browser brought back on our ground come from a
remote planet or had lived formerly large civilizations, some objects
found randomly of the excavations. Among these objects appeared a wood
panel of big size or appeared a painting which had resisted time and
seemed to have several centuries, of the symbols was register with the
back of this painting. Our translators could decipher these signs
which said: “I was present and see you in my representation of this
great day of commemoration, in memories of the unions passed for the
harmony of our world, thus we celebrate:THE RECONCILIATION STRUCTURAL”

All my thanks with the challengers for their various supports,
encouragements and critical on my GSO.
Yours sincerely and good luck with all.

En 3060 de notre air, suite aux nombreuses expéditions spatiales à la découverte d’ autres galaxie,
une équipe d’explorateur ramena sur notre terre venu d’une planète lointaine ou avait vécu jadis une grande civilisations,
quelques objets trouvé au hasard des fouilles. Parmi ces objets figurais un panneau de bois de grande taille ou figurais une peinture qui avait résisté au temps et semblait avoir plusieurs siècles, des symboles était inscris au verso de cette peinture.
Nos traducteurs ont pu déchiffrer ces signes qui disait:
“Je fut présent et vous vois dans ma représentation de ce grand jour de commémoration, en souvenirs des unions passé pour l’harmonie de nos monde, ainsi nous fêtons: THE RECONCILIATION STRUCTURAL”

Tous mes remerciement aux challengers pour leurs différents supports, encouragements et critiques sur mon GSO.
Bien à vous et bonne chance à tous.


et un parigo ,un !! :thumbsup:
j’vais peut être te rejoindre sur ce coup :wink:


To go France!!! it is necessary to represent the colors of our small
galaxy which the force is with you!!!

Aller la France!!! il faut représenter les couleurs de notre petite galaxie que la force soit avec vous!!!


Hello, Ok, here first ideas but I think the maid for my creation, I
think of making an enormous futuristic city in which this a gigantic
spectacle put in scene mégas structures carrying out a symphonic
ballet,le unrolls very directed by one or more leader, in a metropolis
on abundant a kind of sound and galactic light at the time of an
enormous ceremony commemoration the unifications of all the people. I
want one create visual peace and not of destruction, because I enjoy
to believe, that in this remote galaxy with human face it with to be
found the harmony of all his direction…

(sorry for my English…)


cool start :smiley: ill check back later.


go ninja !GO ninja! GO…


Im only slightly confused. :smiley:

It looks like a good start.


There’s an amazing textural quality to your work. Very nice.



My drawing can appear confused, but it is very clear in my
spirit, it is it first graphic vision of my project, now I let mature
my ideas of sound and lights putting in scene structures gigantic
carrying out an air ballet in this enormous metropolis, I plan to
multiply the gigantic structure with human morphology men and women
what created a depth of prospects. It will be one moment of life and
of festival for this civilization or have it will celebrate the memory
of an important event of the past, it will be the commemoration of:


Soon the continuation…, but it is hard to work for commands
of customer and to make project in parallel it would be necessary for
me some 50 hours days or not to sleep more…

With soon



Good to see!!


agree…Iconic!! Powerfull image made me stop and have a good look :slight_smile:


loking cool , very nice concept, good to have something in the name of peace. i also wanna draw something peacefull…waiting for to see how it will go…:thumbsup:


Now that I have create my concept, and that I is a little close a
vision global, I will draw each elements which will compose the scene.

Here the drawing in progress for one of the structures gigantic which
will form part of the air ballet of the “Reconciliation Structural”
they will occupy a great place in the image, these architectures
monumental with human morphology will be ordered by characters
carrying out same choreography placed on scenes of which one will be
in the foreground. But that will be the subject of a forthcoming
At the point of seen realization at this stage of work, I let
go my free hand of creates the forms while trying to concretize the
visions of my spirit.
It is surely the moment that I prefer in painting.

Maintenant que j’ai crée mon concept, et que j’en est un peu près une vision global, je vais dessiner chaque éléments qui composeras la scène.

Voici le dessin en cours pour une des structures gigantesque qui va faire partie du ballet aérien de la
" Réconciliation Structural " elles occuperont une grande place dans l’image, ces architectures monumental à morphologie humaine vont être commandées par des personnages exécutant la même chorégraphie placé sur des scènes dont l’une seras au premier plan.
Mais cela feras le l’objet d’une prochaine étude.
Au point de vu de la réalisation à ce stade du travail, je laisse aller ma main libre de crée les formes en essayant de concrétiser les visions de mon esprit.
C’est sûrement le moment que je préfère en peinture.


Oh, I can see where you’re going with this Tranchefeux - this is bound to get interesting. Great concept there.

And no need to apologise for your english - i only wish my french was as good. so my apologies.



Wow, this last sketch is very very beautiful for himself! :applause:

All those mechanical and bio parts…maybe it has to become the central part of the painting? :smiley:



Hey!! This is looking pretty spectacular!!

And looking at your previous threads i’m sure it’s gonn a be absolutley filled with great detail…


I wonder if it couldn’t be stronger if opposants have differents sizes…Just a suggest, I don’t know…or maybe the point of view…(I should shut up …I’ve nothing done :slight_smile: )…BTW line is nice.


Thank you for your comments for my beginning for challenge, there are
many people and so much good ideas with large artists in style
different, I think that the end there has will be full with
marvellous things to see. I impatient of am devoted the most possible
time on my project “Réconciliation Structural”, but I am spirit to
finish another illustration for another contest which with for topic
the world of the fairies on the site 3vf, I try to remain concentrated
to finish it, because the fence is on November 16 and in parallel I
have also commands to make for your agencies, but good, I go will not
complain, because I want it well…
I will remain attentive with the evolution of your creations because it is so interesting and enriching
to see all these projects being born, which are made with the same
topic and are treated according to your cultures and your feeling.

!!! For this project I surely will make of another couples gigantic,
but which will be further in the visual one I want to play a maximum
with the prospect so that one feels different the scales from
measurement, the structures is not opposed, they go one towards the
others they this key, harmonizes myself, it is couple which this form
it is a sign of communion with the others, outward journey towards are
next for better knowing it and appreciating it, the last design is not
the final framing of the project because once that I more or less
create the concept in my spirit, I work the elements separately
knowing or end that I would join together the whole, for the
composition final, but I am not there…

with soon for the continuation, and good courage for your creations.

Goli- je suis sur que tu va bien représenter notre petite galaxie, j’avais beaucoup aimé ton Machineflesh


Bautiful concept in the second design…beautiful “machines”, and gigantic machinery. The initial sketch is a bit too crowded I think…just my opinion, and is just a sketch! :slight_smile:

Good Luck for the contest!



-Continuation of the progression of the drawing of the principal
structures, I continue to trace the features and outlines volumes, I
work all in black and white, not troubling me about the colors this
stage is devoted exclusively to the creation of the forms.

-Suite de la progression du dessin des structures principales,
Je continue à tracer les traits et ébauche les volumes, je travail tout en noir et blanc,
ne me souciant pas des couleurs, cette étape est consacré exclusivement à la création des formes.