Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


Tolgahan Gungor has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final

finally ı have finished GSO.


Good luck mate. Let’s see what you have got in your hand :slight_smile:

“iyi şanslar”


thank you my frıend


sorry my terrible eng

ıts my first sketch idea


looking good.can’t wait to see more.


infact I would like to apply 3d competition.ı could not apply because I have not enough knowledge about computer hardware and texturing.thats why I applied 2d competition


idea sketches


It’s looking nice. Cool architecture and ships. Make the compositon more readable, add some warm colors to the sky. Pitch black does not gives the mood well. Waiting for your new updates mate. Keep them coming.

“oğlum biraz renk ekle bişey yap, güzel gidiyor.”


Really nice sketches, Passenger ships are 3D? Can you post them view from other point?
Ah, the ballpen sketch are great!


The technique I use is, painting on 3D model and in this competition I am going to go on working on this technique.


Your concept drawings are very detailed . I look forward to seeing the progress of your work.


Verry interesting concept, good sense of the composition, keep that way :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


thanks your comments:)


this is my city guard concepts

sorry my terrible eng.


city gaurds are excellent!!!


Hey, great style, real stong look. Cool stuff, i really like the tense contrast in you composition. :thumbsup:


Excellent :slight_smile:
I love the way u use to work on concepts :slight_smile:
so vibrant :smiley: can’t wait to see more


i like your style very much!! looking forward to updates :thumbsup:


I do right side now.this composition will be very complicated :bounce: :bounce:


city guards are great! great start from a talented and creative friend… hope to see more…