Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Well, hello there buddy! Im so glad I see ur finished piece! Its a masterpiece once again. Im sorry not to comment it during the process, but I was really busy last couple of weeks. Congratulations and best of luck to u at the voting process! :thumbsup:


Thomas…Wonderful,well done.beautiful ambiance and mood,a whimsical touch.I think you did yourself proud here.I really like this,the whole feel and mood.Great art piece…Oh and those little guys off to the side are so very sweet that i got a toothache…Real sweet,I love them.But dont worry it’s a good toothache…excellent ,all the way…SWEET!:buttrock:


Great stuff Tommy Lee…should be very proud of this image…I like it very much :thumbsup:


had to come back to this ,those clouds around the ship look really great from
a distance too !


Thank you all for your comments, kind words and last minute tips!:thumbsup:

It was a great pleasure to be part of the challenges again. I am not the person for big words, so let’s make it short: I love you all and see you next challenge. TO THE BLOOD!!!:twisted: … lol

Cheerz buddies(Including the sweet girls in here:love: )

Tommy Lee


Alright ! Congrats for honorary mention! Way to go! :bounce:

sure worth that last minute push , huh ?


Hi Tommy,

I knew your image would rock - Congratiolation!

best regards


Congrats man… awesome job!


Hi, All my compliment for your price. :applause:


Congratulations, fellow vertical composer!


Thanks guys!

I am really surprised to get even a honorabel mention for that overnight-quicky:eek:
First of all, that was my first try on such a theme,… never did it befor and just painted from the guts.

Hope the next challenge will be more my thing:twisted:

Thanks again and congrats to all



PS:@ebrowning: Yepp,… we did it, didn’t we!:thumbsup:


Its great that you got a honorable mention :slight_smile:

Well stuff from the guts works usually :thumbsup:
Glad you finished it and not dissappeared like you did last time.

That was your welcome prize.

Seeya when the next one starts.


Came in last seconds and get into the top of the list. Congratulations buddy! U deserved it :bounce: Once again ur humour made me laugh out loud, but I missed some of ur sick sick mind this time… I know u’ll make it up next time :wink:
cya than!


:twisted: I’ll do my best…:twisted:

Thx my friends:)


Congrats Tommy, look forward to seeing you in the next one.


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