Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


update… 3 hours 40 minutes to go!


Nearly there!:slight_smile: Some more little things and I am done…
50 minutes left…


And done with 20 minutes left…o_O
Thanks for all the support and I wish you all good luck. It was an honor to compete with such great artists.
I look forward to a new challenge.
Thanks to the cg staff for that great challenge!

My love goes to all of you


Tommy Lee


Hey Tommy, well done, what an impressive marathon session you put in! It was well worth the effort too. I’m glad you made it to the finishing post! :wink:


Thanks Speaky!:slight_smile: Damn great image you got there buddy!

I wish everything was fine. I uploaded the TIFF in the last minutes, but when I looked at cgnetworks, it said I still have to submit the final TIFF!?
Then I tried again a little later(After Deadline!),… and It worked.
I have saved the sessionlog from the first upload, so I can proove I uploaded in time and complete: The file was transmitted!:shrug:

Here is the sessionlog:

[size=3]WinSock 2.0

Connecting to

Connected to -> IP= PORT=21

220 ProFTPD 1.2.5 Server (ProFTPD) []

USER challenge6

331 Password required for challenge6.

PASS (hidden)

230 User challenge6 logged in.


215 UNIX Type: L8

REST 100

350 Restarting at 100. Send STORE or RETRIEVE to initiate transfer.


350 Restarting at 0. Send STORE or RETRIEVE to initiate transfer.


257 “/” is current directory.


200 Type set to A.


227 Entering Passive Mode (207,44,248,10,156,46).


150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list

226-Transfer complete.

226 Quotas off

List Complete: 0 bytes in 1.47 (1.00 KBps)


200 Type set to I.


227 Entering Passive Mode (207,44,248,10,156,178).


150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for

226 Transfer complete.

Transferred: 17.85 MB in 09:33 (31.90 KBps)


200 Type set to A.


227 Entering Passive Mode (207,44,248,10,163,188).


150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list

226-Transfer complete.

226 Quotas off

List Complete: 0 bytes in 1.22 (1.00 KBps)

Transfer queue completed

Transferred 1 file totaling 17.85 MB in 09:35 (31.90 KBps)


221 Goodbye.

Logged off:

:scream: I hope thats enough


Tommy Lee


Just have to say I thoroughly enjoy your image, but mainly your character designs and how it led to your final. The floating city is great…and the cleanliness of the image is very refreshing. Great job indeed :slight_smile:

  • Tonsen


Very nice final piece, particulary the ship, good luck


great final, a very onimous feel and i loved your take on the topic. the colours are nice and the painting has just the right balance between soft and hard strokes, good luck


nice finish tommy - best wishes


I like your piece allot, it fits the theme well.


Grreat penguin ,u made it ! yea!! great pic too !


Hi Tommy,

I definetley adore the proportions/size and the mood of this pic. The characters are just great. It was a pleasure to watch the development of this amazing painting-marathon. And congratiuliations for finishing it within the last minute.

Very well done :thumbsup:



Thanks for the replies…:slight_smile:

@Tonsen: Thanks. Glad you enjoy it!

@MDN67: Thanks!

@conundrum: Thanks! I wanted to go away from the usual dark warscene and decided to make a warm but still dramatic image. Hope it worked out…

@SideAche: Same compliment from my side. And I hope you also solved the ftp problem.

@smurph: Thank you! It’s different but I hope it stands the tests:D

@Squibbit: Yeah,… with a cafeine poisening and the wonders of a wabbitbuild timemachine… Thanks man and compliment goes right back to your side of the universe buddy!

@Fahrija: First of all thank you for your lastminutesupport, even you had alot of stress to finish yours too. I am pretty happy with the outcome of the image. And of course, compliments back to you. Awesome Image you got there:thumbsup:

Cheerz dudeds and dudettes and thanks to all of you. It was a great pleasure to compete with such great artists around. I learned alot and more inspired then ever…
Greta Artists, great Challenge, Great Staff: CG Talk rocks:buttrock:

Tommy Lee


looooove your style! -Congrats on completing the challenge. :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy

I’ve not really been following this challenge for the last couple of months (i dropped out because i had too much on!!) so thought i’d browse through the entries and see what caught my eye…

I love your picture!! :smiley:

The colours and proportions and the little guy and the clouds and the spaceship and the blue and the wind and everything… splendid… absolutely splendid…

Good luck with the judging!! You’ve gotta be up there!!?


Great atmosphere!
Good luck with the challenge!


Your image with an atmosphere original, have without good the size
of the element and there is you dreams gook luck.


yeeehaa you finished :bounce: and it’s :buttrock:


Very nice image. Nice concept well done Thomas, its a shame you could not finish both entries… GL with the judging, keep at it!


lovely work!
Good luck, m8!