Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Looking good, very original work here. Seems like a cut scene in an anime or something. Well done Thomas!


Keep it coming Tommy, want to see this one finished :bounce: :bounce:


Hi TommyLee,

don´t quit painting. Your composition is too great to leave it unfinished.
Maybe I should say it in other words: this artwork will be a killer! :buttrock:



Hey buddy, looking good. Keep it going, we’ll be glad that you did :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


TommyLee, I must say your character sketches are truely imaginative, Im so impressed by the proportions and attention to detail. I’m really liking the composition also, the natives perspective is great. Bet your busy this weekend eh!


Thanks guys! I really try to finish this. Today I start a Backpiece Tattoo, so thats a lil’ drawback, but after that I will paint 'till the deadline. I bought allready a new pack of instant coffe for that paintingsession.:scream:

After todays tattosession, I’ll have aprox. 1 day and 8 hours left.:eek:
It’ll be close, but maybe I can do it…

Thanks for the support and your words are better than cafeine:thumbsup:




:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:


And a little update. Atmospheric depth of fiel for the ship comes in the end…
Now making coffe and back to work!!!



Yeah! :buttrock:

This is war against time :slight_smile: - You have my best wishes, buddy.



Hi Tommy, it’s looking great. Keep the coffee brewing and go for it. One thought, and please completely disregard it if it isn’t easy to change, but how about adding a little bit onto the left hand side of the canvas so that the ship isn’t cut off? I dunno, maybe it won’t matter once you’ve got the atmospheric perspective in there, but I’d prefer to see the ship with sky all around it. Other than that minor point, no crits, love the colours and style… I’ll check again tomorrow. Good luck man!


Next one… getting closer and tired…o_O(MORE Coffee!!!)


haha, keep going , dude, I got mine done as well as the time allowed… gonna
post it soon…no way I’m gonna go 5D again , heh


wow this is coming down to the wire. It’s looking good - if I could make one suggestion it would be to add a few more high tech elements to the ship (this might be your plan already). Anwyays - go drink some more coffee and finish this bad boy up.


@Squibbit::scream: :smiley:

@Blackarts: Yeah… lights, glowing stuff etc. is coming in the end… thanks for the suggestion anyway:thumbsup:
Now a lil’ sleep and the endspurt…:scream:



Hi Tommy,

Great progress, buddy - Just don´t give up.:thumbsup:

I didn´t sleep the whole night until finishing my picture. Damn… not a good expierience.
I hope you deal better with that circumstances than I do. I´m feeling like a zombie.



Thanks man!

I took a lil’ sleep and going back to work now…
Congrats again to your piece:thumbsup:



Update… 10 hours left!


update… Next I’ll start final coloring, like details in the forground, effects,…
6 hours 50 minutes left…


Final_Coloring_Wip 1…
5.5 hours left(sweating…)


Hang on tommy - it isn´t far to go

The bottom part got a bit to nebulous but that´s a matter of fine tuning in
the end.