Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Here is a concept I had to put outta my brain on paper.
I guess I’ll not use it for this challenge, but is for sure a futureproject.
Just wanted to show every concept I came up with…


Thanks for the tutorial ,dude ! And for the extra sketch…you’ve got
a great style , evry pic is fun to look at . I get great feeling from them ,
these few landscape pics you’ve shown, good to see you back on this contest


Hi Tommy Lee,

Ahh, yes I remember - you made this very strong sketch (the vertikal one). Where have you been, dude? You make such incredible stuff. This can´t be leaved unfinished. This image rocks.

The cloud configuration looks good. But I think it could be look a bit smoother. The current consistency look to layerd. But this says somebody who´s struggling hard with his own clouds. :slight_smile:

BTW - the last linedrawing is beautiful indeed. I´m looking forward to see this renderd sometime.



Love the critters. Can’t wait to see how all this fits together!


I added the midtone-values and also brought in my previous concept(Just liked it to much:))


And a closeup…


Your WIP is very good and at my avis, the landscape will be fabulous, your clouds in background are really realistic, i hope you can finished before the end because i want see the final image


Very wel done Tommy Lee!!

Your pencil work is excellent!! Can’t wait for the finale!!


yeah. nice depth-of-field effect.
its going to be huge.



Looking great, that forced perspective is really working for yah!

Sure hope you can get it finished in time!


Now that looks much more grand…
very impressive scene…



Started coloring. First Forground, them mid, then back. Effects and lighting in the end… Damn, I am working nonstop here, doh!
Back to work…


and for a closer look…


Hey very cool, you are really fast (like Starbuck)

I especially like the easy bearing of the right character. A very cool reaction on such a big event.

Wish you a good workflow on the finishing line.

BTW- Do the people in Asia /Taiwan have the same tattoo wishes as in other countries/kontinents? Or is it overall nearly similar.



And more wip…


and the closeup…


Thanks for all the comments,…

Damn the clock is ticking,… :eek:

@Fahrija:Yeah,… I don’t know why I did that with the character. Is like they passing by the 100th time and he is like:“Well, there they are…”:smiley:
About the tattoo wishes. They are in every culture different. Here in Taiwan I do mostly my own style, because most of the people wanna have something special, Not the typical dragon/clouds/cherryblossom thing when they come to me.
Anyway,… thanks for the comment!




I especially like how you’ve drew the grass - moving with the wind. Looks sooo peaceful.

On the other hand, I’ve always thought your critters would have more of a greenish skin… Or is it just me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see you back at work on the challenge though.


Little update-halfway there… damn that’s getting close:P.

@Nemein : Thanks alot.:slight_smile: And about the critters: First I thought also green and that was the signal for me to choose an absolut opposit color:twisted:




Like ya style! Glad that you wen’t the other way…you know what I mean!

Keep it up Peace!