Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


good concept design


I like your Return Of The Gods, looks very cool.
I can’t wait to see your sketch with colors and effects.
Nice style.

Grand Space Opera


Ok people!

I am back… Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year and all that:D
I had my hollyday and alot of tattoowork to do, but now I took the rest of the days till the challenge ends free.
Ok,… 'nuff said. Note to myself: Get cracking!:twisted:

Few sketches coming up…



Some doodles of another creature idea…


Here’s another idea,… but I think I will bring both concepts together. We’ll see…:slight_smile:


First look at your work here.
I like the idea of contact between highly advanced and very low technology people. Your character design is definitely looking alien, however, still bipedal.
I’m not too sure if I would associate Grand (I mean really grand) Space Opera with it but I am certain many others will. The concepts look very well executed and there are a lot of ideas in there. Good luck to you in any case.


umm…u do know there’s just a week left ? paint paint :arteest:


@Belisarius: Thanks for your input.:thumbsup:

@Squibbit: Yeha I know buddy! Keep sweating here as hell…lol! Will go with a mix of concept 2 and 3. Line work is coming up!


Here we go. This is my final Concept. The Creature isn’t final. Still messing around with designs.
I also don’t know what details will appear while the progress:)


Started with the lineart. As you see, I use the concept as referencelayer and draw the lines on a new layer. I’ll keep it very simple, because I wanna add details while coloring.


And here is a closeup with a white BG. Easier for you to see what I do…


Hi Tommy, glad to see you back from the hols. You need to get cracking! It’s looking to be a great pic, I really like the characterisation. I notice you seem to have ditched your values with the colour example, or are you going to start from scratch? Good luck however you decide to continue.


love it, now finish it :wip: :wip: :wip: :bounce: :bounce: :smiley:


I did the lines for the ship. Very loose, because it’s very distant…


…and a close-up.


Ok…coloring. Started with the sky and clouds…


Here’s a closeup of the clouds. Very loose… but final touches in the end:)


And little visual step by step of the clouds. Learned this technique from Stahlberg…(Great tutorial on his site!)


excellent ! gotta check out that tutorial , I so worsip clouds I hate to do em
wrong by painting them crappy


These are the fellas I aproved for the final pic…:slight_smile:
Just pencilsketch on Sketchpaper, but I think it’ll give you an idea.

@Squibbit: This excellent tut is right