Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Indeed I regret you could’nt finish the fleshcontest,man!!!Because when i see this,that should have hurt a lot!!!:slight_smile:

But I’m happy for you you’re back on your feet man!!!
Someone told me once that really great artist’s are people that have suffered in a way or an other.And so had the occasion to take a good look inside.
And you are great there!!!
There is this really huge feeling in your pics and the characters are very attaching!!!
I’ll sign up for this one ithout any doubts!!!Great again!!!

My grent Spacebra:


Beautifull character renderings. Hope to see the surroundings aswell ; p.


I like the thumb man it looks great
I subscribed this thread so I watching…:thumbsup:

See this


Your drawings bring back memory [Donald Duck Zombie] lol


Waouww, your sketch is very cool!! :eek:
I like the concept and the composition you show… very nice style, original character!!
I really really like it!! :buttrock:

Want to see more!!!

Keep going!! :bounce:


Hey dude, I’m just going around to all my subscribed threads and posting this link.

It’s an article written by Greg Martin (quite an accomplished space artist) about, you guessed it, space. It tries to convey the passion he has for it, the beauty and mystery it contains and just a bunch of inspirational stuff that I believe is very fitting for this challenge and I think it will help all of us. It has a wealth of hubble space images and images from other great artists (and their websites) So anyone reading this, download it and read it all, I believe it will be of help

I really love where you’re going with this and I hope I can chime in sometime soon with some crits, take care!


You have a twisted,and spicey style Thomas…I think alot of it…One of the most unique styles out there if you ask me…I am going to follow this as of now…so get that wicked art up there…hey…By the way…In your group thumbnail shots I noticed this little creature guy…As great as all the designs are,and they are quite cool,I liked this little guy the most…Than I noticed your little red dot’s showing off your fav’s…And one was right next to that sweet lil’ guy…Looks like we see eye to eye Thomas…:arteest:

Bring on the eye candy,I look forward to seeing it…:cool:


very interesting creature designs.:thumbsup:


Cool ideas. I really like the sketches and thumbs in posts #46 and 47 - should make a really nice final image.


Good solid work from a-to-z. Humorous, warm, witty and well drawn. Good stuff!


Wow… can’t believe i did not stumble upon your stuff ear;lier. very inspiring. Shot right up there as one of my favs. i liked your original native alien. Will be watching sir.


me likes…this kinda stuff :twisted:…:buttrock:Good stuff Tom!


good luck…


aww well, I always get a little discouraged from the challenges when I see your work, knowing that I’m not there in a million lightyears.
On the other hand, its great to see your progress and try to learn something from it.
Nothing I can realy crit so I settle for saying its a good work!

The proposal stands firm :smiley:


Thanks for all you replies.:bowdown:

Right now I am really busy with tattooing, so no update yet. I also struggle with my 3d entry…hehe!
I try to get some work done in the next 2 weeks.





AMAZING work!!

My favorate comp so far is one of the early ones with the single native watching the jiant ship coming in through the clouds.

truely beautifull work! im almost sory your challenging again. ;o) hehehe…


Excellent idea, concept and character, simply excellent!..))


u take now the extra time to finish at least the 2D entry , u hear ? :arteest:


Thanks guys:) !

As I said I am very busy with tattoing right now. About 1000000000 Customers right now befor X-mas.
Anyway, I will finish this piece. Don’t you worry Squibbit:D
It’ll be close, but hey… I love pressure!!!

Cheers, and thanks again for the comments


Just u finish this one… :bounce::smiley: