Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Hey Tommy. Why do you have to always come around spreading all the good cheer? Huh? Quit it already, enough is enough. :scream:

I’m really impressed with the character designs man. The return of the gods doodle is really cool, and has lots of drama. I didn’t know you were doing this. I think I’m detecting a change in style too. Not too in your face but something is different.

I just subscribed. Cheers mate! :beer:


Looking great Tommy! I can’t wait to see how this emerges. I registered a bit ago and now I’m finally in with both feet. Looking forward to following your thread as before.


Hi there Tommy! Im so glad u manage to participate at this challenge… I can already see what r u up to and i can tell its gonna be much fun following ur thread :smiley: And yea, u have to finish that machineflesh pic u’ve started :slight_smile:

Good luck!


got any updates coming ?


Thanks to all for your comments!:beer:

I am getting closer to an final concept. It will be Return of the Gods, but i am not sure yet how I’ll put it down.
I will update shortly after I typed this.
I did a lot of Thumbnails to get closer and picked also my favorits…doodle,doodle,doodle!:wip:

@Gamoron: Long time no see buddy!:twisted:
My Style changed for that piece. I never did such an image befor, so…lets see what happens.
Thats also the reason why I take so long:rolleyes: … hehe!

@SideAche: Thanks man! Your piece is coming along great… and FAST!

@ninjaASSN: Thanks man! I am glad too and I’ll find the time to finish the MF-Piece!

Cheerz dudes and dudettes, got to update



Here are some thumbs to get my brain going…
The red dot marks my favorites


Here are some inviroment thumbs… red dot marks my favorit and I think I’ll go with that one because I see that scheme repeats in the images…


Ok… here is a refined thumb with values. I am pretty happy with the overall look and feeling.
Next steps will be to pick a creature and refine it to a final state…
Then it’s time for lines!:slight_smile:


woohoo ! these are great ! I’m starting to get so pissed off you
didn’t get to finish the machineflesh contest!

that bottom right creature was immdediately my favourite , even
though each creature got some cool elements.

you should enlarge that fav critter in the middle , can’t make out
all the details. the top right one looks like a nutty professor and
#5 looks very peaceful… so very good job, dude !

arg… quit posting while I am :stuck_out_tongue: . that latest one with the light beams
is just great too!


Love IT :thumbsup: : :buttrock: :thumbsup:


Hi Tommy Lee,

Nice work. I really like your sketch. It underlines the monumental look the thumbnail had before.



Hi Tommy !

I looked through your sketches, very impressive work. The perspective really shows
the incredible size of the “gods” ship. Are you going to add some haze in the atmosphere/sky ?
Whenever I saw such an effect, the ship looked not only more distant, but also larger
than before.

good work so far.




Here is another character sketch.
hmmmm… I think I realy like him.:slight_smile:
However… I will also refine some sketches of other creature concepts.
Stay tuned and crits/comments are more then welcome!!!


Those two last sketches are awesome! I’d like to see some wip images of the last one. The natives design’s really cool, a mix of so many animal-parts/properties. Like Squibbit I also liked the bottom right creature the best.
On the concept thumbs there are many ships, instead of one like in your initial concept. I think drawing more than one ship would take away something of the ‘gods’ feeling…


Your last character is really nice! I kind of like the texture of his skin and the general shape of it. There may just be a little thing I’m not quite sure about. It’s the way his eyes look… There’s something weird about the expression that makes him look more instinctive, more animal… less sentient. Maybe I’m wrong, but anyway, it looks great! :slight_smile:


oh, your skill is very great! where will u put your creature in to the scene? in space ship or at the ground? very nice image


Again, very cool concept. From afar it looked like its right hand was the jaw and that the little hairs on its cheeks were the teeth, but after closer look the right hand, (which looked like a oversize jaw) was really a hand.

Looks great. :slight_smile: Keep up the awsome work!


whoosh That’s me being blown away! Love how your creatures feel “real” Like they have a real anatomy and skeletal structure!


Looks really fantastic! I didn’t know you before, but “Welcome Back” anyway! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing your progression on this.


Yeah, same goes for me. I’m really looking forward to see how this develops. Your creature sketches are amzing! I really like the scale you have for the layout, but i hope all the cool creatures don’t get completely lost, as i really like them! Best of luck with it…!