Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Thank u very much guys!:slight_smile:

I decided to draw around 5 Concepts to this theme(“Return of the Gods”) and’ll go from there.
New Sketches soon.

@coCoKNIght: U made me blush(and my day:D )!




Heee Tommy!
Great to have you back here :thumbsup:
Good luck with the challenge my friend.


Tommy … I really hate having to say this all the time, but “welcome back!” I understand how things don’t always go as we want them to, but damn I wish you were around to post your stuff more frequently.

Good luck on the challenge. I’m liking your concepts so far, except for that 1 point perspective on your mothership. (bleah … go 2 or 3 point please :smiley: ) Actually, the last sketch has a really nice look to it, but I think an up-shot would do better to convey the grand scale of the spaceship.

I’ll be checking your work. Keep going my friend. :wip:


Hey Tommy!

I love the character sketch! The environments are cool too. I agree with Kirt about an upward-shot conveying a grander scale…but, I think it could also be more interesting to see the downward view.
Glad to see you back and good luck!


A few doodles. Playing around with some ideas…


And another concept doodle…


Sorry for not updating so long…

Any way here you go. I am still far away from knowing, what I wanna do in the final concept, so I keep on doodling.
The most important point for me is to add also a twisted feeling. But that’s hard for this subject(Especially for my style). I think that’s the reason I take so long to come up with something usefull.
Any way… I will finish this challenge that or that way:twisted:

Now to your replies:

@jeroen: Thanks mate! Love to have u in this one too:thumbsup:

@Kirt: And I am glad to be back. If everthing works out fine, I’ll be able to stay. I hope to get an industrierelated job. That’s why I also working on my new website, Paintings, Concepts and an entry for the Expose 3.
About the perspective. You’re absolutly right. It’s boring. I think, in the end I will go with a twisted, Tim Burtonesque perspective(If possible). We will see,… my brain is cooking!:scream:
Thanks for your post and nice words… cheerz my friend!

@wildsheepchase: Thank you very much rachel:love:Your questions/suggestions are answerd in Kirts reply. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers dudette!


Tommy, good to see you in this challenge, I really enjoyed your Machineflesh thread. Those last sketches rock, man!


Some may argue that post #10 & #16 are boring perspectives, but I think it’s fairly fitting for the feel I’m getting from your concept. The idea is Return of the Gods, and the 1-point perspective gives the intimidating dynamic of something large and unknown coming straight towards you (in this case you are the small birdlike aboriginees). It might even be worth your while to add an altitude perspective to enhance the intimidation factor as the aboriginees seem to be fairly small in size

Looks like your characters are coming along very nicely, but why did you choose birdlike creatures? What’s the story behind the aboriginees and why are the Gods coming back? And are the natives expecting the return?
I think I like your first character sketch best of all… the latest one atop the flea-like labor animal feels too human to me, I believe it is because of the long legs. I feel with your concept it might be best to stay away from anything human as it will enhance the fantastic feel of your other-worldy inhabitants as well as give more credit to your creativity, which will, in the end, be the biggest factor in who is most noticed.

I’m sorry, I havn’t seen any of your other work, but based on your primitive sketches, I’m sure you’re very well known and established in the field, I anticipate good things from you, good luck and take care


I think I like the most recent one the best. It has a nice sense of drama to it. Alien designs are pretty cool too. Very intersesting ideas you have.


Oh my, this is pretty, definatle has a Fifth Element influence. I like it. You have some great progress happening here. Keep it up!


And another sketch. Wanted to give them some different features…


bizzare and very cool, although I can’t help getting the feeling his head is upside down.
really loved that beast in those doodles by the way.
keep them coming man, I love you sketches :smiley:


Oh Really good progress. I watching your tread. :thumbsup:

Keep the good work


upside-down head rocks, keep it up :slight_smile:


good character painting; if you are sticking with the native idea, remember that it would also have a culture and various artifacts/ items it carries/ uses. what sort of ornaments would be worn on the body? I like the staff, i guess i’m just saying that he might need more of that sort of thing. good luck


It’s cool to see a more fantasy approach like for this space opera challenge! Can’t wait to see the final result!


Yep,that upside down head is really cool,I really like your approach of this theme.I got a little oddworld feeling with it,really nice and bizarre!!!kepp it goingngreat!


hey tommy! can’t wait to see all this characters together!!, keep this excellente job!!:buttrock:


Love the whole concept as is can be really personal while still keeping the epic theme. Really good character design.