Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Thomas Wendtner


Thomas Wendtner has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Return Of The Gods

And done with 20 minutes left…o_O
Thanks for all the support and I wish you all good luck. It was an honor to compete with such great artists.
I look forward to a new challenge.
Thanks to the cg staff for that great challenge!

My love goes to all of you


Tommy Lee


Hi all!

This is the best chance for a comeback on CG Talk. A few of you know why I was missing so long and couldn’t finish the last challenge. To make it short: Life went hard on me…

Now I am back on my feet(Still butter-knees, but standing!) and look forward to participate in this challenge with my old friends from CG Talk and all the others.

Enough talk for now. I hope I’ll come up with a few ideas soon. This is new territory for me, so I need a bit time of research and brainstorming.

I wish u all the best for this CG Challenge and good to see so many familiar faces from the Machineflesh Challenge too.


Tommy Lee


Nice to have you back Tommy :slight_smile:

Please go check out the machine flesh entries!
You might be surprised with the results. So just go check out the archives ok?

Seems like everybody from the last contest is around. And im not nearly as dedicated as in the machineflesh competition. So gotta sharpen up my act.

Hope you finished your machineflesh entry newerthless?

Good luck!:thumbsup:


now this IS good news dammit! :buttrock:

couldn’t see you staying down for long to be honest, your too good for that :thumbsup:


Yea hey welcome back ! Have fun !



good to see you back, i expect something funny and twisted at the same time :slight_smile:


/me turns estatic and jumps around screaming “hes back!” “The tatooed graphics messiah is back!”

Lol, great to see you again!
best of luck and take care!


Thank you so much guys!!!

Still nothing done yet… This thing is a hard nut for me. Total new territory…DOH!:scream:
Still messing around with thumbnails.
But I guess a few designs will be up soon. No concrete story till now tough.

@Falcor:Thanks, will check it out and no I haven’t finished the Machine Flesh image yet.(But I will…:twisted: )

@flyingP: Thanks for your supportive messages. They helped alot:thumbsup: … good to be back!

@Squibbit: Thanks.I’ll try my best.

@azazel: I hope I can step up to your expectations…thanks:D

@Alice:My loved one, hehe… thanks alot and I will take care of myself. Promise!

Cheerz and soon

Tommy Lee


bloody well hope so, Humpty was looking cool :smiley:


Ok then… Here is my Conceptsketch of the Composition. Not much to see yet, but I hope it gives you a first impression.

Story: Once in a decade, the “gods” of the Mesmoramiels return. The Big Day has come and everybody is waiting for the aproach. They never landed but this time, the wise male pronounces to his folk, seems to be a good day…

Not very original, but I am not that expirienced(<–spelling?) in storytelling. U have to excuse…:slight_smile:


Here is my first idea how the Aboriginals should look like…


VEry interesting concept. Love the animal qualities of it.


yea, great start , dude :thumbsup:


This character looks very sweet. No crits so far :slight_smile:


You live! Brilliant, I was wondering what happened to you just a few days ago. Good to see you back here. :slight_smile:
Anyway, the designs are nice so far. I was almost fearing to see a sci-fi take on Alice in Wonderland, but I’m certain that you wouldn’t even think about something absurd like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is a refined Sketch. Details still missing.
Coming up next!
The Spaceship isn’t final yet… still thinking about the size and positioning.



Here is the sketch of a detail:
The Lighthouse


cool stuff, reminds me of them great adventure
games I love so much !


Hi Tommy, I was hoping that you enter the challenge but thought you probably won’t be able to… Good to hear that things went better for you.
As for your sketches… dammit, your new avatar already kicks ass… :slight_smile: but those sketches are godly and it’s about the return of the gods… hihi, almost all cg gods have entered this challenge…
I wish you all the best!


Interesting idea. Will love to see the final pencils (and then colors) on this. Nice ships concepts too.