Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Teemu Rajala


Squibbit: Thanks a lot for the overpaint! :slight_smile: That really made me think again the woman’s face :slight_smile: I deciced to make paintng back to the reference’s direction. I think it just looks better and I’m still quite inexperienced painting faces so it’s good to stop playing around in time ;D





Congratulations on finishing your entry, nice colours and great visuals, it is nice to see some variety in entries too considering yours is a collage. Good luck! :slight_smile:


WOW really really nice.

I like all your work in progress pictures also. Great sense of light and form. Cool layout also.


Now it’s finally finished! I just did some brightness/contrast adjusting and minor tweaking here and there.

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Hehehe lovely! Only thing that bugs me is the dog’s teeth. But thats about it.

Good job!


Squibbit: :bounce:

magnethead: I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my thread :slight_smile:

AirBORn:Thank you! and Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:

Gryphon: Hehe, You were quick to reply :wink: Thanks man! :slight_smile:


Nice work! I wasn’t sure how everything would read with so many elements in the frame, but with all the clean-up, it reads perfectly clear. You really saw it through, nice work!



Awesome Work
You Had my Vote!:applause:


Nice image! different style and concept! Congrats!:slight_smile:


Walrus: Thank you! Believe me, I had many moments that I was almost ready to give up. :wink: To me Balancing the picture was the hardest problem because of so many elements in it.

adel3d: Thanks! :wink:

Lovliebutterfly: Thank you :slight_smile:


No! Zey uberlooked u too! Ve must have rrevvenge!!!



Congrats to your piece… I love it!



Yes! The ReVenGe!!.. Arrr! hehe! :smiley:

Thanks for the support guys! :slight_smile:


Damn it ! Your great work had no price… it’s not right… :rolleyes: but you’ve got a price from me, to encourage you to continue your art : it’s really worth ! :thumbsup:

Good luck !


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