Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Teemu Rajala


Your very good work, if you it finalizes will be brilliant, PS: I
liked the drawing “Pilot02” which was well seen, congratulations.


most excellent , now u just finish the work !


I think I disagree on the “too much going on” point since I find that the two main characters pop out so much to me, it is nice to have a lot of detail to keep my eyes tracking around the image once I’m done looking at the two in the lower left. I think the trick is to keep the contrasts steadily moving to lower and lower levels as you go “deeper” into the composition. I really like this composition a lot though, it works very well for my untrained eyes.


looks like it has a lot of story and characters.
I like those dogs. very fantastic.


I’ve been quite busy lately and I’ve hadn’t too much time to work with this piece. well, lets see if I’m able to finish this until the deadline.

Btw. Late new year wishes to everyone! :slight_smile:


u better finish it, it’s too cool for you not to !


Hmm… The composition seem to divide opinions a little. Hope the new version works better to those who didn’t like the earlier one.

Kraul, giocele, Arctis, Kalen, Hillartsympho, tranchefeux, Squibbit, Russel_Collins & jjkim:Thank you! :slight_smile:

ecura: Yep, also some friends of mine liked the BW version more, however I wouldn’t like to do BW version for the final one :wink:

andreasrocha: Thanks for the feedback. You’ve some interesting thoughs there. I just feel that if I would do that radical changes the "roof of the compositon would fell over and I should make it all over again to rely on other things/elements.


Please finish it : it’s one of my very favorite ! :thumbsup:


whee! just 2 days left! Looks like I’m able to finish this. I ruthlessly used photo of a girl’s face to my lady Deathkiss and overpainted it. I also added pirate octopussy on the bottom right corner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any comments/ideas?


Squibbit & Arctis: :slight_smile:


simply excellent, dude, u got so much cool stuff in this pic !!


Btw. Here is the photo I used for the woman’s face if someone is interested.

Squibbit: I’m very flattered that you like this work so much :love:


yea well it got the carefree feel to it that I like so much :smiley:

and you did change the face and add your stuff to it so that’s
ok , and you posted the photo, which is one of course should do,
but you could have used the pic as reference rather than
just painting over


Hi there Teemu!
Very nice image that Youve done here :slight_smile:
Well imho the gaps between Dogs teeth should be darker, would give a better look.


Crazy stuff :thumbsup:

Oh man, the character which holds the ammo devinetley competes with Squibbits “mashine-gun-dog”

I love both.



Love it, extremely fun illustration :thumbsup:


I did new face for madame and this shows also my painting process. I tried to give her more “witchier” look. She still needs some tweaking. :slight_smile:


Squibbit: I guess you’re right about the paintover and maybe it’s a little bit doubtful to do one for the contest even sometimes it’s good way to work. Well, now the latest is purely painted :slight_smile:

Kaksht: Thanks! let’s see what I’m going to do about it :slight_smile:

Fahrija & SideAche: Thank you! :slight_smile:


ok, now i gotta say this , look at sketches 1-3 and you see a certain roundness
in the face that has disappeared in the latter pics, making the face look a bit
guyish to me, like that guy in Clockwork Orange or Jester from Batman.

try making the jaw shadows less sharp , at least in places… and the tip of
the jaw might need some adjusting too … maybe make it smaller or sharper…
also the corner of the eye might use some adjusting…

i tried and applied the photoshop smudge tool on the face just a few strokes,
but already you see the difference , right ?

sorry if i’m causing trouble , just trying to help :blush:


I think I’m getting quite finished with this work :slight_smile: Is there any last suggestions I still could do?