Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Teemu Rajala


Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile: Interesting opinions.
Many of you seem to like the “pilot” concept more… :slight_smile: Well, I still won’t bury it… I just haven’t figured out happenigs on the BG… that’s why I’m not so interested about it.

…Hehe, forgot to tell you, that I changed the mountain to Big Ben full of TNT ;D


Hmm… Tomorrow I propably try movie poster composition with this one… Good night! :slight_smile:


WOW, i confess i was a bit sceptical about your new color scheme but now, wow, amazing! These smoke trails and these clouds are excellent and the lighting on big ben really works! I really like your world TeemuR. Anyway i’ve some critiques, i think the foreground need more contrast than the rest of your image to extend the “travel experience”. And the clouds to the bottom need to be blended with some color, blue, orange, red, what you want because these gray really kill your work! Just my opinion


I wanted to try out totally different color scheme. I think it works pretty well.


Hecartha: Thank you for the crits! I’m going to fix those If I’m going to work more with that color scheme :slight_smile:


Hi, i like the palette of your last coloring wip, good work

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Good work, man ! your last color step is my favourite. I like the ambience, colorful and real fun!:thumbsup:
It’s nice to have put Big Ben in your pict, but It’s really hudge compared to the city just aside…
Good job !


yeah, this last one is also my favourite. Good mastery of sub surface scattering lol, i feel the light entering in these cloud and scattering inside, great job


I love the concept, maybe you should use a big ben - inspired looking clock tower rather than the thing itself because it’s such a recogniseable icon that people instantly put it in a real world context and it’s not actually that big!

I think it would work better if you took design cues from big ben, but beefed it up to look like a super big ben that’s been constructed in the future or alternate past or something…



Hi Teemu,

what an action packed image. This really looks like a big civilization confrontation The color scheme fit very well to it. Very well done.



I agree with you!
it works pretty pretty well.


Here’s new version of movie poster like composition. What do you think of it?


I’m glad that you like the new colorscheme :slight_smile: Sometimes I just feel that the composition needs something more but maybe it’s just me. I’ve tried to add more elements to it but so far nothing really has worked well.

MDN67, Hecartha, Fahrija & giocele: Thank you :slight_smile:
Arctis & Freefall Alpha: I was thinking that Big Ben would be a huge remake of the original one to other planet, but you might be right that I shouldn’t make Big Ben itself.


It just rock!! I’m sure about the 2 little characters in the down left corner but they quite fit in the composition though.

Great work so far!:slight_smile:


I really like the early version of the black and white concept you posted, that look so fantastic. I’m not sure about the new updates though, the complexity of all these destruction and characters sitting outside of the main image is not really working for me. There is a lot happening which is kind of causing the problem of not knowing what the central focus is at. Maybe I’m wrong about it and this is the grand feeling that you want to interpret. Nevertheless I still do like the concept but even more so the original black and white version.


wow man, great composition. :bounce:
Very nice!
And the two ‘cartoon-characters’ are amazing in the composition.
I’m curious to see the final picture.

I think you are in the right path.
go on!


Great work, man…however I agree with ecura. There is too much going in and everything seems important. The upper and lower third of the image are going great. For me the middle third is a bit too confusing. Perhaps you could let the observer breathe and appreciate the middle, by reducing details and reducing some of the contrast, like you had in post #40. I know it’s easier said than done…

I think that perhaps the most confusing elements are the big smoke trail to the left and the ship to the right. The smoke trail looks too much like a crescent moon. Try cutting the upper part, where it arches to the right.

The ship crashing into the clock (I think the perspective is a bit off on the tower) is a bit confusing, too, but it’s too important to change and it’s looking great. Perhaps you should remove that white arch above the ship, and if you could move the clocktower and the ship a bit down it would make more space above, leaving some “breathing space” for the viewer.

Great work, man, and I am sure it will look fantastic in the end.


I said that BigBen was to big for me, but now, replaced in the whole comp, I wouldn’t change anything about it ! The whole scene is totally crazy cool, and I like the fact that it is messy, almost confused…
Your project is in my top 3 !:thumbsup: Really good work.


Personaly i think that all that chaos in composition is a strenght of this piece. It gives it really interesting look. I guess that sometimes following the rules limits Your creativity.


I like the concept, it looks like its time to tighten up the edges to make the image more legible. good job!