Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Teemu Rajala


Thanks for the feedback. I don’t really know which one I’m going to finish and maybe I’m going to do more concepts about different subjects. Well, let’s see… :slight_smile:

CodeNothing: Going to fix that.


Very nice colors, I really want to see the details now !!!
One crit : the ship seems attached to the mountain.
Keep on the good work !


Hmm… I tried to do movieposter like version of the ship crash concept. It’s pretty unclear now, but I like the overall composition.

The main characters are on the bottom left corner and The main villain with her helpers are on the top. The main villain is called “Madame Deathkiss”. Eh, I’m very bad at making names, so I wonder where that is originally from… hehe :smiley:


Args! Urgent update!!! I didn’t realise that I accidently made michael jackson out of madame deathkiss until my friend pointed that out! Fatal mistake! :smiley: hehe!

Arctis: yes, I’m also aware about that problem… could be tricky to solve :I


All I can say is wow. I like the female in the ship better because of the dynamic perspective. Keep it up.


Yeah, the female composition is just great! I love the angel and the perspective is believable. :slight_smile: Look forward to more updates!


WOW! Maybe you should stop painting so damn fast! Haha, these are great, and you just spit them out like theyre nothing! I must say, I like your original first layout…of the cockpit =) Was great!


All nice concepts,really hard to say which one fits the best,quit subjective.
Hard to do some crits also as the sketches are great and this still the start.
Anyway great,keep um coming and good luck!!!

My Grand SpaceBra 2d:


I prefer your balloon concept to the poster idea. If it were me, I’d have a lot more blue etc for sky - would really add a sense of space. Or at least a lot more variation in colour (eg contrasting etc). Anyway, keep it up.


Hi Teemur,
Even if the idea of poster is interesting, it can be hard to read in a 1000X800 size pict. I prefer the scene with the baloon to the one with the girl : there’s already so many space battles… I can’t wait to see it detailed :wink:


I really like the balloon idea, but it gets a bit crowded and hard to read crammed into the movie poster. I’d vote to let one good idea breathe over trying to do too much with too little space. But either way, good luck with it!



A very nice work.I like the girl in ship too.But no matter this has special look.Very nice,and done with great attention.More thoughts here.:buttrock: :thumbsup: :bowdown:


I realy like the baloon composition without the poster stuff. It took me a while to realize you used the same image, I love the baloon image but its like the 4th or 5th read on the poster.

amazing image! :thumbsup:


i like the first one, with Michael Jackson more…:smiley:


Hi, just wanted to say that I agree about liking the balloon idea without the movie poster better than the girl. Very film noir, also reminds me of the old movie “Metropolis” quite a bit. Very stylish. The Micheal Jackson look alike was glorious though! Great bit of humor there!


I give my vote to the baloon concept:) I would realy like to see it finished.


I think the consept sketch 2 has most potential, but it might be just me. You’re good by the way… :buttrock:


Wow! Don’t know if it was intentional, but I see a heavy Wizard of Oz influence in the balloon pic.

First, the Wizard left the land of Oz in a balloon.
Second, I can hear Judy Garland as the woman with her arm raised saying, “O! That plane doesn’t see that giant spaceship in its way. It will crash for sure!”
Meanwhile, Michael Jackson (who starred in “The Wiz” btw) cackles with glee as he waits for the inevitable explosion, seen through his crystal ball.

Sorry, I know that’s not very helpful but I think it’s a great story you’ve got going.


I Like So Much Youre Witch-dog-pirate-space Sketch I Think It Is So Original… More Detail!

Good Sketch!


I’ve had a little break and I’m hoping that I could see clearer what I want to do for this contest.
I’m still quite interested about the balloon concept because it’s more original and maybe I’m going to try out the poster composition with the balloon pic later on, when I’ve developed it a little bit farer.
I changed the compositon of the balloon pic a little bit… I think it works better now.