Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Teemu Rajala


I really like the second concept. Reminds me of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Looking forward for character desings!


That’s what I call a poerfull composition! I just love it!


‘poerfull’ mean powerfull in a long time foreigned english…

kuf kuf kuf

(without comments…):rolleyes:


Really love the first concept. However the mountain doesn’t look quite right. It’s angle -looks as though it is toppling over if you tilt your head- and scale -looks too small in relation to city- make it look unreal somehow.
Lovely image though.


You have a very good sense for a striking composition. Be careful not to overdo it with this concept. The angle is very challenging to draw and I think your perspective is off a little. screamingwing already mentioned the mountain, but the balloon-driver also seems to stand in an odd angle. He looks like nearly falling over. It makes me dizzy looking at this picture for too long, but on the other hand it conveys a feeling for the height. Maybe you should experiment with that a little to balance it out. But you definitly have a good concept going here. thumbs up


this is simply outstanding composition and lighting Teemu! top notch! :eek:

great work mate! :thumbsup: very, very expressive! 
congrats man with already great work and looking forward to see development!
keep this coolest stuff up mate and the best of luck!

[b]P.S.[/b] halo atko raha vajtaa? (...i'm pretty sure that i'm messing some words :D but i haven't had a chance to speak finnish for more than 15 years so forgot it totally :sad: although my english is not better :scream: )

cheers :beer:


It’s a big adventure! Great composition and a mix of old and the new.


Well, I tried to do a little bit more dynamic variation of the pilot concept.


Whee! So much constructive crits! :slight_smile:

KaleN, Kraull & ecura: Thank you :slight_smile:

kaparo: You’re right about the plane. I’m going to be carefull with that… Hmm… and about the spyglass… you might be right about that too… I’ll see what I’m going to do about it later on. Sky captain and the world of tomorrow is on my most wanted list! I’ve high expectations about it! I hope it’s going to be good.

Screamingwing: Yes, there’s definately something odd going on with the mountain.

t.fadrus: Thanks! some good points there! I’ll try to do some experiment.

greentek: hehe! are you asking me “do you want to change some money?” :smiley: if so then it should be written: Haluatko vaihtaa rahaa?"


Wow, that’s gorgeous, go for it! :smiley:


dude, u only got good concepts and to me they’re among the best ones here.
You can go with anything ; the ballon pic got great everything and the pilot
pic is great , too. In the latter one i especially like the angle,hehe



  • “haluatko rahaa vaihtaa?”
  • “mikka kursi?”
  • “sata marka - satavisikummenen franka!”
  • “si on kallis!!!”

:D… hey… Teemu… i’m very happy that you got me!

keep your great work up mate and cheers… :beer:


I love the pilot concept! you have to stay with that idea!!

it’s one of the most innovative concepts in the challenge, and for that i thank you. the only gripe i have at the moment is that it’s unclear what’s happening outside the ship (and what she’s flying) but i take it you’re getting round to this.

you can really go to town on the plot uniform, and ship interior. are you going to stay with that victorian/ww1 theme? i’d love to see some more 1900’s influences in there!

can’t wait to see where you take this.


my space opera


with your “pilot” scene i think you need to darken the highlights on the right bars. probably the left too. the brightest highlights should stay consistantly in the center of the scene. I think it would read better.

your other comp is amazing. I have no crit for it, amazing work dude!


hey, I really like your concept, the second one is amazing, I cant wait to see the hole work finished.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Fantastic and very, very promising…looks like a winner to me.


Awesome! I would realy like to see both of them complited but if i have to chose one , i would chose… i don’t know. Both are great!! :slight_smile:


cool watercolor style…


the last one is amazing on dynamic man! great work :slight_smile:
wan’t wait to see progress :slight_smile:


Here’s my first colorwip for the balloon concept. I was after the overall mood. I’m going to try to fix some problems that I was pointed out during the next painting steps.

What do you think of the color scheme?