Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Teemu Rajala


Teemu Rajala has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image!

Now it’s finally finished! I just did some brightness/contrast adjusting and minor tweaking here and there.

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Hello all! It looks like this is going to be pretty hard contest. It’s quite difficult to do something that wouldn’t be seen million times before. All the cliches comes first into mind :smiley:

Well, here’s my idea what I’m going to do for this contest: Huge spaceship is going to crash to the mountain and there is very big propability that the ship is going to fall on the city beneath it. The lady from the balloon is trying to get aeroplane’s attention that it could go to do something about this.

I’m quite happy with the overall feeling and composition, but it always could be better. I’m interested about your opinions. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Well don’t know if the plane could do something about this?:smiley:
Anyway nice lightning and a great start!!!

My grint spacepra:


i liked it!!! it realy gives the sensation u just described! and the lady in the balloon here in the foreground really gives dynamics to the composition!!!

opinion: Trade the plane for something more “futuristic” you can be able making a spaceship or something like that without using cliches!!!


I really like the feel you have going- but then spaceships crashing are hard for me to resist. I’m with Okmer, I don’t think the plane can do much about this except get knocked out of the air by the shockwave. Nothing wrong with that!

Love it! :thumbsup:


excellent image !

I was thinking like the plane could be towing a
hastily painted banner that says :
“watch out , mountain ahead!”

The people in the balloon could be using a lantern
with a shutter to send a morse code alarm message
to the ship

I wouldn’t change the pic itself at all , everything
about it is just great !


Hi Teemu. Just checking out your pic - the idea is great. Am just wondering about the modes of transport - if there are huge spaceships flying around would there still be balloons? What about some kind of hover or jet platform for your people to be on? Good luck and I will keep watching. :slight_smile: Claireabella


cmon dude we got spacships now n still there’s balloons everywhere :slight_smile:

and it could be a museum plane in the air , the high tech ones would
have been disabled by an electric storm that also hampers communications
to the ship and has caused it to lose altitude

or it could be a visiting ship in a low tech world :slight_smile:


very dynamic concept image! I look forward to more…


Thank you for the comments/compliments! :slight_smile: Looks like the image is going to the right direction.

Yeah, it could be pretty hard to the aeroplane guy to do something about what’s happening. :smiley:

Maybe the woman is just paniced about the situation and desperately wants the aeroplane dude to do something about it even it would be impossible. Like ebrowning said, it would be even better if those FG characters would be in immediate danger also, however they seem to be in safe distance to me.

Don_Barro: Yeah, I was thinking to make that aeroplane to be kinda futuristic (jet engine! :wink: )

Squibbit: Hehe! yeah, nice idea, but I would rather not to add any text to the image. In my opinion It would just add comical feeling to the image and it would kinda “cheapen” the illustration. But anyway, I was thinking to make the plane guy to be comic character!Hehe! ;D I’m always interested about your brainstorming opinions! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Claireabella: Well, I think it’s sometimes good to mix things up, that you could do something… hmm… different. And Squibbit has great explanation if mine isn’t good enough :wink:


Hmm… Here’s another concept. I pretty much like this one much more than the first one. Even the concept is more common.
I think I could try out the 3D-contest with this concept, but I’m pretty newbie with 3d-programs that I could do so high quality what there needs to be, so it’s more that likely that I have to switch this back to the 2d-contest.
Anyway, I’m going to do develope this image further here in 2d-challenge at least to the “line art” -milestone, that the concept would be more detailed so I could know what I exactly have to model.
However, I might send this concept to the 3d-side right now, so people there could know what I’m up to.


wow the second concept is waay better.i wanna see more progress.


Woe Nelly! You’ve got some great shapes in that first one :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Well, I really like the first sketch (but the second one is good too) : I don’t mind if the plane can’t do anything to avoid the crash.
I also like the fact that it’s a plane, like in Miyazaki’s “Laputa”, mixed with spaceship : it seems to be a parallel world, and that’s poetical.
Good sense of scale !


Looking Good Teemur.

Nice compostion. Sun glare is a nice touch. Id like to see how you approach your colors.

I’ll be watching this one.


For your second piece I say: YES!

That’s it. No crits.


i really like the first concept. it looks like a futuristic/.victorian age. you have a really nice sense of scale, there. the concept is pretty original and i can image this being painted in a whole bunch of ways. good luck!!


I did the first concept a little bit further. I was trying to find right kind of lighting. I noticed that it’s quite hard to find good balance for this pic. Next time with this concept I’m going to try some colors.


Thanks you for the kind words. I appreciate it! :slight_smile: I’m going to play around with the spacepilot concept also… I’ll try to do dynamic variation of it.


Hi Teemur. I like your idea a lot! I agree with you it is hard to find something really new about Space Opera since it is the most common place in sci-fi world. Anyway your idea is quite great and the fix of old-fashion ambience with huge spaceships is great. I like the entire composition, the dramatic light over all, but there is something with the airplane. It looks right over the heads of the people in the first place. It looks… uncomfortable there, too dark so the sense of deep get lost a little. I think you could make it a little less black, separating it from the foreground, giving more atomosfere bettwen them. Another thing: The person in the foreground is looking to the right side with his spyglass. It keeps my attention off the main subject wich is the crashing ship. I prefer he will be looking in that direction too.
Well, just a couple of ideas.
I am thinking now, looking again to your composition in a new movie “Sky captain and the world of tomorrow”. It could be quite inspiring in your direction. Good luck!!