Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: svetlin velinov


very nice.
What will you put in the background?
One little crit : the arms of the queen look too short. I know it’s a question of perspective, but each time I see the pict, I can’t get used of it.
Good luck.


Not the first time someone told me that. The sholders are realy small. I’ll try to fix them at my next post.
Thanks for the criticue.

In the backgroudn i’ll put some space landscape. Maybe some space ships or planets, black hole or something else. Still not ready to think about it, but I’m open for good ideas. :thumbsup:


just amazing :wink:
mnogo qko stava pi4! edin syvet ot men: robotite izglejdat bezvredni i bezli4nosti… v smisyl, prili4at na syvsem obiknoveni androidi(moje i da sa tova de…) spored men e hubavo da gi napravish malko po-masivni…i razli4ni edin ot drug… osven tova, sloji nqkoi ogromen tip(robot/4ovek - shte pod4ertae mashtaba i shte q napravi po-izqshtna) zad madamata… vsqka hubava jena ima bezmozy4ni i koravi tipove krai sebe si :slight_smile: rycete naistina izglejdat kysi, koeto shte se opravi, ako uvelizish razmera na dlanite/prystite…
kartinkata ima potencial… osobeno me kefi mehani4niq leshoqd … qvno 4e toi i e syvetnika :slight_smile:
izobshto - kefq ti se na rabotite :wink: dai gaz!
a zashto ne puskash v graphilla?


Blagodaria za hubavite dumi, a i za kritikata koiato e absoliutno opravdana. Niakoi ot ne6tata koito spomena v4e sa koregirani. Samia concept na kartinkata e imenno robotite da sa bezizrazni, no dale4 ne sa ednakvi. V tozi sviat cari terorora i vlastta na ednoli4en gospodar. Edinstvenia bug e edinstvenia robot s mozak, koito se e unplugnal :slight_smile:

Wait for more :buttrock:

P.s. A za graphila…? De da znam za6to ne postvam tam. Ne mi e osobenno komfortno tam, no e hubavo da se komunikira s hora ot koito moje nau4i6 ne6to bez da se rovish v re4nicite da si prevede6 tova ili onova. :slight_smile:


Great contrast. I can’t wait to see more on this.


Sory that I’m late with my treat. I hope that with a few days i’ll have somethig to show


Exellent work, kind of makes me wish i was subjugated by the queen like the robots :]


:thumbsup: Wow! This is great! Nice dynamic composition and the female character is so graceful yet looks malicious! This is good!


I just had a thought by looking at your image again. How will you convey the idea of “space”? I mean the composition is really nice but the robots look more like machines instead of suggesting an alien race or army or something. I don’t know, just a thought…


Really Elegant Velinov!


I’ve finally begun to coloring the image. I wanted to achieved a cold and cruel feeling on the queen’s face. Also I must put some accent to unplugged robot and background.


Beautiful work on the chrome! I like the stylized clouds in the background, too. Good luck finishing it off!



Nice, this image has a comic style. Characters looks good, lines are clean, colours are flat but conveys the form. Keep it up.


Finaly I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve done allmoust everything. I need some more days to finished it.


Very promising : you definitly see the end of the tunnel !
Will keep an eye on your thread.:scream:


Wow!..I’m liking what i’m seeing! :bounce:


I hope that the final result will be more likefull:)


Need some more time for the final touches, but it seems that this is the right direction to the end of my treat.


Looking great, Velinov! I love the subdued colors and the wonderful textures you’ve been working with. Just two small comments: The lowest planet - the blue one on the right - feels too soft-edged compared to the rest of the image. And secondly, with so much chrome, it could be mice to see some of the few warm tones of the piece - the Queen’s skin, the left robots red light - reflected in some of the chrome as well. It could add some accurace and pull the piece together a little bit more. But minor things, overall it looks great!



I find your image sympathetic the design are cool, right
tries to add some effect of light what will bring more life,
good luck for the end.