Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: svetlin velinov


svetlin velinov has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Queen of the machines



I wanted to draw a image with big kind of expression, suspense and mystery. I hope that the final result will be near to the first view of my idea.

That is my firs concept sketch.
Wait for the next…


Now I’m going to drow rough scetch with precise line and make some details. The queen looks evil…and I like it. Wait for the second step. Loking for “line art 2” when the inking part will be finished.


A little too early to give crits but anyway these is great start and really nice dynamic sketches!!
Good luck man!!!


The same thing!!

And don’t forget spaceships!


The sketch of the girl is very cool !
I will keep an eye on your thread…


Wonderful lineart…promising!


ooo vary nice, shes vary sexy and evil. I love it!


Go forth and DESTROY!! Love it, I’m imagining some really effective lighting with this one.


I haven’t got any idea about your chance in challenge but ı want to marry with your queen.
Marveleous job.


She looks like she’s casting a spell or something. You could also try having her hands turned upwards, like she’s gesturing to her minions. Nice concept.


Another step of line art


One more


sweet ! mmmmqueen :thumbsup:


First idea that i had was the total control and the power the queen - master of all the machine. But what if there is a bug in the system? Try to find it.


Hi Velinov
I really like the idea of your concept! I’ve just seen your previous artwork called ‘redmoon’. I really like your may to draw female character. I’ll follow your work for sure!

Good luck!:slight_smile:


Very promising !!
Keep on, keep on… I’m impatient to see more.


Incredible work :bounce:

Great depth and all. Very comic book look. I like it.
Contrasts are good also all the characters.

Only critique i can give at the moment is that your character has 4 fingers on the other hand and 5 on the second one.

Please let us know which kind of end result are you aiming at?


Hi to all you guys.
want to answer the question - How many fingers will queen have i n the end?

Well, an the moment the fingers are less with one, but I promised to draw it with the color work on the project. :hmm: Thanks for the critiques.


Another level of line art