Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


I’m guite intimidated by you, you entry is truly a piece of art…almost like watercolor

do you do this kind of things on a professional level?
lots of good luck (not that you’re gonna need any) and greets,


This is sure gonna be a great pic! Im missing some highlits at the moment but I see that u r in the early stage of the painting process so Im sure thats coming :slight_smile: Good luck! I cant wait for ur further steps! :slight_smile:


i always fan of your picture, theambiance is very good, good luck


Hands down the most amazing process I have ever witnessed for a painting. The sideline character concepts will definitely make the end result much better. I also like how you actually draw the perspective lines over the piece to make sure it work when you block it all in. I can’t thank you enough… I have learned so much.

This piece is so good already it almost makes me want to give up. Almost : )


Just brilliant…no wonder that you’v won award before! :slight_smile:

The overall composition is really effective and character design is just perfect. Good luck with it…Some bright color spot somewhere would uplift the mood a bit but this is just my taste-of-art :]


Thanks a lot for your comments everyone! They’ll help improving what I’m doing. :slight_smile:

Good remark! I defintely don’t want it to look too much like a castle, even if it gets marks of time. I’ve tried your suggestion about the neon and the cables, it definitely add something. Thanks again!


I’ve continued to add details here and there, principally in the foreground. I’ll keep the rough feeling in the back instead of playing with some kind of blur effect. I’ve also tried to improve the futuristic look by adding some energy cables and lights (like suggested by Nomad (thanks again!:). I’ve also added slain guards on the ground (which are not very easy to see for now) and changed the big shapes at the right for a power supply or something like that.

About the lights, I’ve played with sun lights and shadow to get more contrast. It’s more like a general lighting update for the moment. I’ll keep the last contrast setting once the details will be done.

The next step for me will be to coutinue defining shapes for the next 6 days and then, I’ll think about special effects (maybe rain, dust, birds, smokes, etc.) and the final lightning and colors.


hey you are the first 2d gso that i mett…i think
your overall art looks realy realy grate…welldone
the color/location/cammera r realy great
keep the good job mate:thumbsup:


Just to mention the storytelling you put in there…really great reflexion in your work…and I don’t talk about your paint style…just to mention…
There is not so many ways to make a really good picture…and when you master all your tools…mind is ready for the freedom of vision…amen.
(well, I wonder if my english is good enough for what I want to say, ahum…)

Ok mate…the force is with you, that’s all.


Looks pretty great so far color- and design-wise. There’s really nothing to complain about there. The only thing I would ask of you, is that you don’t cut the feet off the girl.
I’d also advice you to be a bit more generous with the space just around her in general. She hardly fits in the painting atm, and I’d love to see a bit further to the left there.

Keep working it though! I’m definitely gonna look out for your finished one!!


good story,lots of colours in the building seem very washed out


Hi Kraull,
Very nice updates, superbe !
But an impression came to my mind, that I already had for my own entry : everything is distant, far from the spectator. It needs something the catch the eye easily, a face on the foreground for ex.
Sorry for everybody, but it will be easier for me to say it in french. (but the main idea is already above.)

Donc, le probleme, je crois, dans un concours online, c’est qu’on ne voit les image qu’en petit format. Or ton image est riche et belle, mais si subtile qu’elle risque d’apparaitre timide. Peut-être serait-il judicieux d’ajouter un visage en gros plan, dont on verrait ne serait-ce que l’expression des yeux, et qui humaniserait ainsi la scene en donnant au spectateur le moyen de s’identifier à l’un des protagonistes, et donc d’entrer dans l’action.

I hope it will help. Anyway good luck !


i realy like the mood and atmosphere you have going on.


Thabnks for your comments guys! :slight_smile:


It’ll be hard to her feet in the layout, because that would imply puting her up and debalnacing the composition. But, I’ll try to find something to improve her fitting in the scene.


Thanks for your comment and suggestion! I quite understand what you’re saying. I’ve thought this scene to show as well a context, an action scene and characters. So I must choose what would be important to show regarding these criterias. If I would have at this point a figure in the foreground, I’ll have to sacrifice part of the background and try to search a reason for this characater to be there. For the moment, I have in mind to rescale a little bit the swordmaster, to give her more importance, but I don’t think I’ll add someone else. Maybe in a future project will I try to emphasize on character rather than background… but I quite like to create environment!:slight_smile:


I agree with you, Kraull. Although I love characters and closeups, your environment is deffinitely your strongest point in this image. Even at this rough state it looks amazing! I’m very much looking forward to seeing it finished.


WOW! Amzaing piece. Great colour scheme and mood. The only thing tahat seems to be a little bit of for me is thew building on the left side. It has “warm” clours which doesn’t seem to be justify by the lighting of the scene.



I quite agree with you on this point. The left building is quite too warm to really fit with the rest of the scene. I’ll fix it in the final adjustment with the highlights. Thanks!


I’ve here scaled up the main character to give her more visibility. Lot of work to do on her still, like details and makeing sure she quite feels integreted in the composition.

I’ve also change a little bit the design of the hovering mech to the right, trying to make it look meaner with the spyky shape at the front instead of a round one. It would maybe me some kind of stair or weapon… I don’t really know for the moment, more fucussing on the look of things.

The colors won’t change much from now on, except for small balance and retouch of values here and there, until it ‘feels’ right.


Great improvement with the main character there! Now it’s just the finishing stretch for you! :wink:


This is excellent work. I love your use of shadows and highlights. You have a great vantage point on the scene, very very nice!