Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


Verry nice mood Kraul, this reminds me alot Blade Runner :thumbsup:
I agree with andreasrocha that you need to back light a little your characters but maybe in bigger format and the details finished that will not be necessary :curious:

Fantastic work, I`m looking for more :bounce:


Thanks a lot every one for your comments! They are always constructive and they push me to try to do my best! I will not be able to post wip for a while, because I’m presently out of town to see family and friends. I’ll be back around january 2nd. Until then, I wish you all a merry christmas and great succes in your future project! :bounce:

I agree with you that there may be some improvement in the definition between the characters and the background, but like arctis pointed out, I’m more focussing on the final shapes of things at the moment. Working on this problem now may be to much distractive. If you have to repaint these lights each time you add a change on your shape, it’would take you twice the time. And time is the ressource we all need the most I think. :slight_smile:


this looks very promising, the colors are nice and subtle and your composition is great…the only thing that’s lacking in my opinion is you should have a clear accent in your piece, something that “draws” the eye.
good luck and merry Xmas


i really love this piece.

I’ve avoided saying that to as many people as possible during the competition because i hate people who aimlessly going around saying everything is brilliant because of the community award.

This is the first time i’ve seen your post and im blown away. Your subtle use of colours is remarkable and the transition from foreground to the background is beautiful, giving great potetntial for some epic scale.

The looseness of the style is fantastic and really allows the viewer to give their own input. I assume that the things in the extreme background are legs. dont take that question as a misinterpretation. the looseness of your style allowed me have a couple of impressions.

How i see it is that the big leg looking things are part of an epic mech where the top is out of the frame.
The two smaller mechs look like one of two things. 1: mech walkers. ive got an impression of them moving really mechanically and uncomfortably, yet in an intimidating way, or; 2 the are hovering and throwing up vapour that comes from the puddles on the floor as they move forward (hence the white mist around them). both are amazing.

my critique: Your background has so many good qualities and beautifuls sights that the abundance of small non important figures in foreground is really ripping my attention away. here the obscurity in the shape is too vague to the point where i cant even tell if they are playing leap frog or killing eachother.

i think the focus should be the swordwoman. scrap any other protagonists. then surround herwith a couple of key antagonists all taking up different poses/ positions around her… as if they are the remaining obstacles after shes slaughtered the rest and the mechs are reinforcements just arriving to take her on.

That probably wouldnt work, but my point is that too many foreground characters with little or cosmetic presence really takes the key interest away. i had to concentrate to realise who was the main character in the foreground in the first place.


im sure it’ll look great when you refine it




Hi, i love your work i look it at the first post i love the style and the color

Venant de montreal je penses que tu comprends le français cousin et ça m’arrange, j’adore la tournure que prend ta composition les détails sont de plus en plus fouillés, la couleur est trés bien choisie on sent bien l’ambiance sombre de la rue ainsi que l’écrasante force des machines qui se présentent devant les hommes, trés belle compo, j’attends la suite avec impatience

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Great color palette and painting technique! I wish I had something helpful to say, but mainly I wanted to say nice work on the painting, and it’s great to see how you describe your work and thought process. Thanks.


Wooow ,i like the skill shown in the progression of your work man, i`m following this thread, please keep updating:)


Great Work Kraull!
It is going to thundering!


Thanks again for your comments everyone and sorry to not have uploaded for a while. I just arrive from vacation, so it’s time to get back on this project!


I love your style, sketchy and crispy style…what can i say…if you can finish this, you have a huge chance in this competition. hurry!


This is a quick view about a new change in the composition just after reconsidering the whole picture.

Thanks a lot Mike to have shared your impression about this work in progress. I must say I find what you’ve said quite interesting. First of all, I’m glad you like to imagine things of your own with the different shapes. That’s a characteristic about sketches I profoundly like. Things look often better in each people minds.

About your critique, I’ve reconsidered things from different angles and I begin to see and understand the things you pointed me out, which could be problematic. The main idea set at the beginning and the choices made during the process (like the point of view, the scale, etc) may need adjustments to make sure that they work together. At this point, I quite agree that parts of the idea may be quite confusing. The scale of some characters doesn’t help and the position of the 2 other protagonists doesn’t reveal enough information about what they are and about what they are doing. To fully understand the concept of the scene I have in mind, it would have definitely require more than one illustration. So, considering the objective for this present challenge and the importance to communicate an idea, I think I will have to restrain the qantity of information present in the compostion and to focus on the main points, just like you suggest. I’ll try to remember more often about the viewer interpretation from now on.

Thanks again to have shared your thoughts!

I’ll now continue to define the swordmaster and think about the way the elite guards will fight and be positioned.


Really an environment of life in your “super” image the colors I
am likes there also, I am in a hurry to see the final one.


I’m presently working on the details of the swordmaster. Then I’ll work on the guards and think about a way to render the impact of one of her blade. I find interaction between characters quite difficult, but when it’s done corectly, it’s often more dynamic. Still lot of work to do here…


Great to see more progress with your piece. I really like the rough feeling of the visuals. I am sure you will add more detail and clean it up a little, but it would be nice if the rough feeling you are protraying now, is some how still captured in the final piece. It has a very impressionist feel to it, like the famour painter Turner :slight_smile: Who’s work I recently have seen when it was at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Keep up the great work, I am inspired with every update :slight_smile:


Wow, this is looking awesome! You have a very nice painting style and I wish you had a website to look at :thumbsup: I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I’m bookmarking…


Once I’ve put details in a specific area (like on the main characters here), I then try to keep a certain balance between the level of rendering and the different elements of the composition. By doing so, you can keep an eye on all the scene and make ajustments if you need to. An other great advantage to work this way is that it gives you the opportunity to have a better control on the deadline. At this point, details are more consider like a refinement than a main point of creation. So, depending on the time that is left, you know that you’ll have something almost finished, not just detailed parts which seems unfinished.

For this WIP, I’ve tried to determine the look of the building at the back by making sure it would fit in a way with the characters. So, based on the clothes of the swordmaster, I’ve decided to make something both influenced by asian and indian culture. I try here to get also rid of some angular shapes by replacing them with more round ones. I try to keep the feel of the original composition, where most of the time I lose a little something. That’s why I always keep the previous version as a reference.

I used 2 types of lighting for this scene: an ambiant light (colder) and an artificial light (warmer)

These two lights provide me with key colors which will help me make difference between plans.

And again, if you have any comments or questions, it would be a pleasure to heard them! :slight_smile:


Great progress Kraull :applause:

If I can make one suggestion you shoud add some “technical elements” to your background building, it looks for me a little too like a castle… maybe just few cables and one or two neons will be enough… :curious:

Keep up the grand art :thumbsup:


your entry is the one i follow from the start , and i have to say that i love it , and nothing to crits here , just waiting for you to work on it .


Hi Kraull, it looks great. I like the character and background details. The colors (ambient light and artificial light) are going to be very usefull, your can create a better atmosphere and contrast.
Cool idea and technique.

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Hi, Always fan on your painting.