Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


The next step after I put the rough guidelines will be to define the shapes (just the way I’ve done with the early character design) and put the base colors with not a lot of volume for the moment. That way, if I want to change the shape, it will be much faster than if I would have to work with the distraction of taking care in the same time the volume.

I haven’t set the final lighting and contrast still, but I wanted to find a way to detach the silhouette from the background. To do this, I use the yellow lights on the ground, which provide me a little highlight that will surround part of the characters. They’ll be more recognisable that way.


Wow, you’re truly skilled

Can’t wait to see it finished :bounce:


Hi Kraull,

your thread is really impressing - it great to see how all your ideas come together in this image. I like the perspektive view and your color palette you´ve choosen.



hi ,kraul!!
everytime i look at your thumbnail entry , it’s pop up from the orther! your value is very great! can’t comment anything ! hope to see you dig in detail very soon!! good luck


It’s just really neat watching this all come togetehr, Richard! It’s looking great!
I like how the scene read now that you’ve flipped it. I also really love the muted, subtle colors. Best of luck with it, can’t wait to see the further developments!



My first visit…eventually I catch on to the fine pieces,as I have here…Nice tones,mood,and style…layout is also grand and balanced…Your doing a fine job here for sure,and I’ll be checking back for sure…Work hard and all the best to you…:cool: :arteest:


Thanks a lot for your nice comments!:slight_smile:


I’ve been working on the spearmaster and the elite guard which will be cut by him, but I’m really having a hard time with them. I have to match the impact of the blade at the top of the spear with the guard in motion and make it all understandable. I hope to fix this tonight, if not, I’ll get in trouble…


Hi Kraull,
The progression is fascinating, expecially on the BG…
I’m impatient to see how you’ll render characters in action.
Good work, man ! :beer:


Hi ya!! Kraull
Don’t despair Kraull its coming along nicely, I am really inspired by your painterly style. It makes me want to see what your analog rendering looks like.
Keep it up. I’ll be checking back:)

Time to go to work!

my space opera:


I keep thinking to myself how much more grand the 2D entries seem to be than the 3d. But I guess painting is freedom for an idea, while 3D modeling, texture mapping, lighting, etc… can drive a 3D scene into the ground on a time crunch. Anyway great work keep it up!


nice man i liked your charachters from the start i only wish they were positioned in way that the beauty of their design is shown cause it might be just another battl;e scene if they get lost in the distance

my space opera 2d sketch


it’s looking good - nice use of value. Very painterly.


I’ve changed the contrast and define a littlebit more some characters in the background. I’ll try to feel the vacant space in the right part of the scene with building and then try to render the female swordmaster on the first plan.


Great work, Kraull. The detail looks very promising. Perspective is great. My only crit would be to give some areas a bit more contrast with rimlighting. You already have some of that on the figures, but I think you need to light their backs a bit more to make the figures stand out and make them more perceptible. The structure in front of the smoke to the right and the spaceships could also benefit greatly from some rimlighting.

Keep it up! You’re doing great.


Nice work on the background on the left : subtile and “grand”.
About contrast, as noticed Andreasrocha, I think it will be more a final touch, when everything will be detailed. By now, it’s a bit early to talk about it …
Beautiful progression : until now, this is the work of a master.:thumbsup:
I’m impatient to see more !


I love your technique and sense of color, I can’t wait to see it finished!


I realy love this work. Especialy figures are gr8.


hello Kraull,
just dropped by to give you some encouragements. Your progress don’t cease to amaze me (of course i knew from the beginning you would do a great job ;)).

You did excellent choices until now and your scene reached such a quality I don’t think any comment i could add would be of any help from now.
So i’ll just sit down and watch:bowdown:.

Take care and merry christmas :beer:


Wow that’s some excellent work, great design all round.

Can’t wait to see this finished, keep it up! :slight_smile: