Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


Your concept work is so well presented… inspirational, looking forward to seeing it all come together… So much work!! … or should I say play? ; )


hi, lots and lots of detailed concept work. All impressive. My only query is, is it targeted? I mean, will all these figure studies, say, be the pose (preumably at least the look) of characters in the main image? I at least am beginning to feel very conscious of time running on and xmas hols etc in the way :eek:


That’s it for the final main character. I’ll now (finally…) begin working on the main composition. I’ll try to post more tips about composition in next posts.


Thanks a lot everyone for your comments! It’s always a pleasure to read them!:slight_smile:

I’m glad it reminds you of this serie of books! I’m quite a big fan myself!

You’re quite right… I’m really enjoying it!!

I feel too that time is moving fast, and I hope my planning will work right until the deadline. Nights will be short…! O_o’


interesting technique! I’ll think seriously to use it in future :smiley: . And beautiful character design :applause:
I’m impatient you continue your coloring wip with all these excellent character!!


… and he keept on and on doing better and better…
Nothing to add right now. This last concept was as great as the previous ones
You sure you can do any better now ? Naaa… kidding me !
cheers :beer:

PS : don’t worry for your rest, you’ll be allowed to sleep on Christmas Night as a special christmas gift :smiley:


Thanks a lot montclaris to allow me to rest on christmas night. You’re such a good person!! :wink:


I just change a little bit the design of one of her blades after a remark I got from a friend. He said that the difference of mecanism between the two weapons would be easier to understand if the design of each would not be too similar. I definitly think he’s right, so I’ve tried to change it in that way.


I’m finally starting to work on the main composition. Now that I have a better idea of the look of each characters, it will be easier to identify a context in which they’ll interact.

I’m beginning here to give more shapes to the background. The disposition of the different elements seems ok for the moment, but certainly not the contrast. What is important, I think, when working on a complex image is to follow each step of the process very carefully. If a mistake is made at the beginning and you go on anyway, it will be sometimes (often O_o’) really difficult to correct later, most of all if it’s at the base of the picture. So, for some times, I will focus on two different important fields: composition and contrast, which could be done simultanously.


Man your work is really stylish! I got a big shock when i first saw your page. I rarely visit the 2d threads, but I’ve learnt my lesson now.

Great stuff, I seriously like your style. Characters are oozing with lots of personality. Keep going! :thumbsup:


Hi Kraull,
I’m so curious of what you gonna do this time, but you’re right : no hurry, mistakes unsolved at the beginning = mitigated result…:wise:
I also like very much your character design : they are intense…:thumbsup:
I insist, but it’s really dammage that we can’t see other works from you (even on a simple web-page, not a complete website ??):bounce::bounce::bounce:


La Vache ca Tue !!!

Amazing thread Kraull! NIce character, nice Envioronnment!! Take your time man…but you have a month left i believe…can’t wait to see this one finished!

Keep it up!


I’ve flipped the scene to change the point of view. I thought it would work better that way. We’ll be less attracted by the vehicule on the left that had all the attention with the contrast and the lines of the perspective. Anyway, it would always be possible to return to the old version until the end. Any constructive comments about this change would be welcome!:slight_smile:

Like montclaris pointed out in a previous post, the white smoke (more like abstract strokes for the moment…)to the left in the first composition was getting to much attention, so I’ll try to lower the contrast until it ‘feels’ right. Don’t know what to say about searching for balance when working on a picture. I don’t think there is technique about it, it’s more like to develop your sensitive ability. Weird stuff in fact, very subjective but quite universal in a way. I’ll sleep on that! O_o’


Wow, i learnt something today (tonight actually). Thank you for that ! :beer:
Your picture works much better once flipped horizontally. As you said, it emphathizes the foreground. I suppose it’s because of the way we occidentals read from left to right.
I browsed back in your thread, and found a picture whose contrast wasn’t so hard and delineated better the characters (the first color sketch you posted). But the choice is going to be difficult for the contrasted one has a more interesting (dramatic) ambience naturally. If you feel like you can
a - give your characters enough focus with the direct fog light, and various weeker fill lights and rimlights outlining them,
b - lower a bit the light of the fog (maybe make it more diffuse / propagated / dispersed)
then go for it and don’t move the global contrast slider too much.
Definitely better. Keep up :thumbsup:


great light and color scheme even if it’s a bit blurry to see what’s exactly going on here


I’ve put the the disposition of the characters on a different layer to be able to work faster on the background.


I really like the mood of your work…


I liked the layout how it was before. The eye had a better chance of moving around the composition before leaving the page. With the new layout, my eye at least, looks to the right and continues to move off the page not even wanting to look down at the characters. Just my opinion but I’d flip the layout back the way it was :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more detail in your comps :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your comments!

It’s good to have an other point of view on this. There is definetely something happening in the new layout. For the moment, I think you may be right. Theorically, with the perpective lines, we should normally read this picture from left to right, but with the bright mass at the right, we jump first to the right and then we go to the left (which I agree demand an effort, cause it’s not natural). I’ll keep it in mind during the process and see if I can fix it by playing with the contrast or just return to the first version, if it’s the best solution. Thanks again to have pointed it out!:slight_smile:


I’m now trying here to figure out the poses of the characters. For this step, I try to match a possible action which the character could perform and that may fit with the masses assigned to it. I’ll use these guide to add the details and colors based on the previous design.

The hardest part with the swordmaster was to figure out how she would fight with those long blades. I haven’t really thought about it when I was designing her, I mostly focus on her look. So the time has come. Logically, she couldn’t really slash ennemies easily vertically because her blades would touch the ground. But in spinning around, I think she could come up with a technique that may be quite effective. So she will attack horizontally. I wanted her also to go forward to the ennemies, not waiting for them to come like the spearmaster will do. To help me find these differences, I’ve studied some scenes from KillBill v.1. and now have a better idea of the balance the body should have in these two states of combat: active and passive mode.

I’ve changed also the cropping a little bit, I cut part of the image to the right and add some more to the left. It seems to me that it was a little bit to much compress.