Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


this is going to be so friggen cool! I wasstaring at that little thumbnail sketch of the battle…and with all these designs, and the color pallete you have…god this will be killer =D


So, this will be the cerebro-electro sorceror, kind of futurist magician which powers have been inspired by the sorceresses of Rossak from the 3 books Dune: The Buttlerian Jihad, which takes place thousands of years before Dune the movie. For the costume, I have in mind a mix of ancient occidental clerical and oriental monk. When he’s using his mental powers, he floats in the air near the ground. Because he will be back to us in the final composition, I thought it would be a good idea to draw him front, so we could be able to imagine what he really looks like.


Nice sketches !
Is it possible to see other works from you somewhere on the web ?


To Arctis:
I’m sorry, but I have nothing else on the web for the moment. I’ve planned to get a site web maybe around ferbruary if I have time. I’ll let you know when it’ll be done if you want?:slight_smile:


One left after this one… Finally!:slight_smile:


i logve character designing and your characters are amazing… i like your progress. can not wait to see it altogetehr.


A+ on character design and like everyone else, I’m just waiting in anticipation for the composition to begin taking shape as well.

Since you are so good at character design in neutral poses, will the composition feature them in the same way or will you use more dynamic poses?


Man these keep getting better and better! im so antsy to see what you have i nstore after this~!!


coming along nicely so far. Bon boulot !
I like the monk clothes. The dark color gives him a look of an inquisitor. Scary.

Keep up the good work :bounce:
Edit : can we guess who are the bad guys yet ? :wink:


Thanks a lot for your comments everyone!:slight_smile:

To Russell_Collins:
The character in the final composition will certainly be in action. There may be just the sorceror which will be standing concentrated with his mental ability, but the rest of them will be engage in a fight. It will be harder to do, but much interesting and dynamic… Life is hard! O_o’


he looks timid… but very excelnt concept… looking forward for the final image.:thumbsup:


Thread bookmarked: check!

I’ll be keeping an eager eye on this as it develops. So many good entries, so little bandwidth…


Looking good bro, keep it up =]


I discover your work your style of painting is good have would say
a painting. good road


Wow :eek: your concept art is awesome, your preparation for the final image is like for a full movie art :eek:

Exellent characters and design, keep up the grand art :thumbsup: I will follow your thread with attention.


I’m working here on the spearmaster, which I want to look a little bit more like the swordmaster.

Just like the sorceror, he will be position back to us in the final composition, facing the ennemies.


kraull, lol, I cant WAIT to see what’s after this one…im just dying here waiting for the full battle to take place…your character concepts are so damn unique, it just blows my mind! and how can u work a greyscale like that? i suck at it lol


Dammit I’ve missed heaps in here, I’m really enjoying these concepts from you, they have a beautiful old world / new world sort of quality, and a lot of style :thumbsup:


Looks good. I love all the little extra concepts for each of the characters. I like the fact that you are treating each area individually, as well as keeping an eye on the image as a whole. Keep it up!


Awesome concepts! Reminds me of f.Herberts Dune. Gotta keep an eye on Your work.