Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


hey hey!! Slow down, I missed about 5 updates of yours :slight_smile: And my dear have they been promising. I really love your style and colour palette. Your concepts are very promising, very promising, KEEP IT UP!


realy incredible work! I dont know if its your pallete, or your style of making shapes, but there is something very sureal about your characters. i love it!

your characters are all so interesting and evolved that its a shame they will be so small on the composition. :shrug: but with high res im sure we will see them fine if we zoom in :thumbsup:


Im almost intimidated to put up my work! These concepts are amazing, I especially like your POV and perspective lay outs =) really nice…


hi, very helpful explanations of what’s going on etc. I like your technique and idea. A lot of work has clealry been put into the development of characters etc. I find teh colours rather grim or gloomy - is that the mood you are aiming for? It might be worth utilising that if its teh case - as could determine other choices of colour, even composition. Look forward to following your work


Hi Kraull,
Very happy to give you the oportunity to practice your english, as you said : you probably speak french, like me, so that’s a funny situation !!! :wink:
I understood your point of view. After all, many painters study position of their characters before starting the composition.
I trust you, and I’ll be watching your thread.:slight_smile:
Can we see your portfolio somewhere ???


I love how detailed you get from the composition to the character designs. It’s a very good learning experience following and reading your thread. Also your english is pretty solid:-)


Thanks a lot again for your great comments everyone!!:slight_smile:
To Arctis:
I agree that this is a really funny situation…! O_o’


This is a more detailed version of the elite guard with two hand weapons. At this stage, I think I’m rather pleased with the difference of style with the 2 characters. I think it’s important to feel that they are living in the same world, but that they are from a different group, culture and domain of activity. That’s what I’m trying to do here… It’s kind of tough though and maybe too much subjective.


Very nice detail, I love the mood your concepts portray. VEry nice! I cannot wait to see more!


your style is very nice! i wish i can design and coloring like you some day! but now i’m still far
from that! great looking !
waiting for your update! and put it all together!


Hello Kraull
I really like what you had to say about perspective and I understand the concept and practice of 2 and 3 dimensional manip. But I am definitely interested in finding out more info. On the program you used for time saving purposes. It would be a great favor. Which I am sure everyone here would appreciate.
Would you care to shed a little more light on that dude?:thumbsup:


Hi Kraull,

First let me say your entry in the Machine Flesh was the one i paid most attention to. You’ve got a unique style, first class painting skills and loads of originality.
I especially like the way ou let the viewer a space to express his own imagination. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world of formatted and stereotyped designs.
I like your workflow and the explanation about your creation process. It’s very inspiring.
For the moment, your scene organisation is good, but i’m afraid that the big bright mass on the center left could divert the viewer’s attention from the action and characters. I hope you’ll fix that, since for the moment your character concept designs are quite darker than the overall scene. I think it was a problem in your Machine Flesh entry : the action was not epitomized enough contrast-wise and that made the scene difficult to read, but maybe that’s just me.
The female character is perfect. Too many superbabes wearing bikinis lately. A female fighter doesn’t have to win a beauty challenge, she first has to survive. The stern and tough look you gave her is top notch. Please don’t change her look and feel !

Will follow your progress closely, because it’s so good :buttrock:



The guard with the long range weapon.


I lieke your style, it’s very nice. I am awaiting to next progres :slight_smile:
Good luck :thumbsup:


To Impenetrable D:
It’ll be a pleasure to give you info about perspective and how I apply it. Like I said in a previous post, I used a 3d program. Any 3d program like Maya, 3DSM, Lightwave, etc. could do the job for helping you find your perspective points in a 2d illustration. As long as you can play with 3d boxes, it’ll work. Once you have the right point of view, you make a copy of your screen and then ctrl+v in your 2d program on a different layer which should be photoshop or painter. The programs are not very important, as long as you get the result you want and that you understand the basics of perspective. I hope that this is what you wanted to know, and if you have other more specific questions, just ask!:slight_smile:


to Montclaris:
Thanks a lot for your constructive comments! I definetely agree with you about some mistakes I’ve done in my Machineflesh illustration. I’ll try as best as I can to make it easier to read this time. Me too, I can feel that there will be problems with the contrast of the present composition, but that’ll be part of the fun to try to fix all of this.O_o’ I hope I’ll get to it and I’ll keep your suggestions in mind. :slight_smile:


Thanks man,
I am tyring to work out a couple of ideas now with “Blender” and as soon as I get my scanner back up I"ll post my new entries. It would be a pleasure to have you critique my work. :buttrock: I’ll notify you stat.


My pleasure. You put so much effort in you characters it would be a shame if they turned out to chinese umbras :wink: . But i’m sure everything will run smoothly, really.
Waiting for another stunning update.


That is one of the best complete thread we can see all the steps very clearly, everything is well done. I’ll definetily watch this closely :slight_smile:


i like your sketches. i love to see that kind of freedom in art. i hope you don’t lose it in the final image. only advice i can give now is to add more details in darks. good luck.