Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll work on this and post the result as soon as I find something interesting.



Glad to see your final, an image with a great atmosphere it
dimensioned there impressionist in the key which me charms, the colors
are well proportioned, all my congratulations, good luck.


Come on Kraull ! o_O’ :slight_smile:

I wish you the best too !
Hope you’ll be satisfied with your work.
It’s a great work.

Best regards,

Luter (aka goli :slight_smile:


I’ve listened to all your comments about the lightning and contrast and here is what will probably be the final result.

So, here begins the final sprint!! O_o’


I think this latest light balance looks the best. Go for it!


much. much better


Oh yeah, this is much better. A lot catchier.


Absolutely great :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I wish you the best luck for the final :bounce:


Those are sweet adjustments you made there!
It certainly upgraded this piece from “wow” to “WTF!”



Always a very good pic, with more details and a paint technic incrdible, i like this pic, very good work. Good luck for the end


Looking very very good. Beautiful feel and atmosphere, I really like your style a lot, dark and gloomy yet somewhat whimsical!

Cheers to your final tomorrow!
:buttrock: :beer:


Hi Kraull,

Beautiful work - Besides Tranchefeux you have presented a very individual and outstanding drawing technique which breaks with optic habits.

best regards


Agree with Fahrija, you and Tranchefeux have really great and original styles.

I whish you the best luck for the final. :thumbsup:


Here is my final entry. Since the last update, I’ve worked principally on details and contrast adjustment. I’ve also added few things that could enhance the feeling of watching a futuristic scene. These were the pipes you see at the right and middle of the image. I’ve also added a dome sphere (greenhouse, conservatory) which could serve to cultivate bacterias, plants, or something like that. I was hoping that the surrounding would look less like a medieval architecture this way. It would maybe have been more interesting to put a huge ship in the middle, but I thought the image would talk differently with a green house. Like scientists doing experiment and creating organic monsters… More possibilities with this single structure in term of story I think.

About the ambiance, I’ve finally decided to make it looks like the action was taking place in a near frozing environment. With the fur on the main character and the massive suits of the guards, I thought it would be more logic.

So, this is the end of it. I would like to say a big thanks to all those who have supported me and have given me helpfull comments! You really help me to push myself further! Thanks again to Cgnetworks for this great challenge and the opportunity they gave us to interact with so interesting people! It has been a real pleasure.

See you next time!


Kraull - hat off to your final entry. It is beautiful, and breath taking I think. I have been
watching your thread since the start and I am glad to see it finish :love: I also pointed out earlier that your painting style reminds me of the 19th century painter Turner, and I am excited to see that your final image still has that similar feeling to his painting style, I am sure it wasn’t intensional, but none the less I think it is brilliant. Congratulations on a job well done!! :slight_smile:


brilliant work, everything just seems to fit, i also admire the fact that you stopped at just the right point and didnt over render it. you managed to retain the looseness which really helped with the action of the painting. good luck


It’s difficult to say what catches me most in your picture, but it surely deserves better compliment than i could find words for. So i’ll just add something i didn’t say yet. I LOVE the way you let very refined details live together with more impressionistic (sp?) touches in your art. It’s one of the aspects of your work that is the most incitative for the viewer to let his imagination wander IMO.
It’s no more about making a cool picture. It’s true art.
Sadly, we’ll have to wait until the next challenge to enjoy your wonderful art again. Unless you expose your work on the web or elsewhere before (hear, hear…). :wink:
Félicitations et à bientôt, maestro.


Félicitation, Mr Kraull,
Beautiful result, as I expected. You’ll have my vote. :scream:
I hope you’ll make a website very soon, to give us the pleasure to see more of your works.
Good luck !


Great final image :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I wish you the best luck for the final :bounce: Im sure youll be on the top of the list :smiley:


beautiful work- best wishes