Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


Hi Richard.

Your picture has a better balance with the swordmaster scaled up. Since you removed the other characters, there was a weight problem. I think removing weight from the middle of the picture also helps focusing on the main elements.
Hi agree with Arctis comments, except i don’t think your picture needs more humanity. Of course, pictures of the “paysage” kind, have less appeal than the ones emphasizing characters. Yet you managed to make your picture and the story behind interesting.

BTW, i looked back at your machine flesh entry yesterday, and i like it much more now. Weird. Consider me your fan :slight_smile:


Now that I’m mostly satisfied with the composition, I’ve finally flatened all my layers and move on to the last steps of the process.

Concerning lightning modification:
Now that I’m done with the main composition and the general design of the elements, I need to work on the way viewer will read it. At first, I tried to make the scene easier to understand by giving some contrast to the main character. To achieve that, I’ve first analysed rapidly the value that surround her and compared it with her own. Basically, they were quite the same (here was the problem), so I brighted up her surrounding with rays of light (not quite original but effective:). Then I’ve proceeded with logic, making reflection of this new light on the road, on elements in its way, etc. With this new source of light, I’ve also try to balance shapes, without creating new visual problem.

Sorry, but I’ll continue describing the changes in a later post, because I have to go, and writing in english take me 3 times more times… O_o’


This has come out very nice. I love all the little details all over the buildings and the composition is very strong.

Congratulations on a very nice painting! :applause:


It’s looking great! Although, when you added all of those new lights, it changed the mood of the image. It’s much more bright and sharp now. Before it was a bit shadowy and… I want to say quiet, if that makes sense. I kind of liked the quiet mood, but then again, this is an action scene, so the contrast and sharpness might actually fit the theme better.


Personnaly I prefer your previous pict : this one has lost its softness, its subtile lighting that I particularly liked. :shrug:


Thanks to have shared your impressions about the lost in the mood. It’s quite difficult for me to make a choice at this point, because this decision, about the ambiance, concerns more our own taste than technical mystake. Will I choose a more contrast palette with more colors who put the accent on defining better (I hope) the elements of the scene, or will I choose a different mood with less saturated colors but with maybe more interesting self projection ambiance? I’m not sure at the moment, so I try the option I haven’t worked on yet. This question about taste (cause I’ve no screenplay to base my work concerning the mood) is always really difficult in this kind of free thinking project… I hope I’ll make the good one! :slight_smile:

thanks to argue on this. It may be helpfull!


Awsome work Kraull… I really like this style. Wish I could loosen my brush strokes even half as much.


Your work is one from my favourites. It can you will win :slight_smile:


Great progress :applause: nothing to crit. I`m looking forward for a more detailed picture :thumbsup:


how did I miss this thread? this is great. I agree that you’ve lost some of the softness, but if it were me I’d paste the new version onto the previous as a new layer, and make it semi transparent and get a sort of half-way house version by adjusting transparency levels. Other than that, I think you coudl perhaps add a few receding spotlights, not really effecting overall lighting just local. Woudl emphasise scale and add a bit more contrast, which was (it sounded) what you were after). Anyway, whatever you do, it’s definitely a fine piece.


Great piece of work. This looks like there is a lot going on. To make my post a more useful one:
I believe this piece looks a little chaotic as there is so much going on. Maybe the focus and attention of the picture can be enhanced by playing with the colour?

Still excellent, good luck.


Thanks for your comments everyone!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll surely give it a try.

Your right about this problem and that will be one of my main focus. Don’t know if I’ll get there in time… O_o’ So much to do still!


Here’s a close-up. It’s still quite sketchy at this point. Lot of work still to do. The problem here is that when I’m working on detailing the elements, there always something that I like from the previous sketch that is lost. I’hope it won’t end up in something without life… O_o’ :slight_smile:


Some parts I’ll keep sketchy.


I thikn she needs more light cast on her so she doesn’t blend into the the background. Nice technique and style BTW.


I totally agree with V_shane. Highlighting the main character and darkening the background.
Really impressive skills:bounce:


just i like it and all:thumbsup:


I’m still trying to play with the balance of light. What I do here it’s to try to recapture some of the better parts in the previous versions (before the contrast has been applyied) and re-integrate them with the new to have both their qualitities. I hope it’ll be possible… (O_O’) Let us hope I won’t ruine it!

Concerning the details, I’m principally working on the swordmaster, trying to get rid of some anatomique problems (like her arms…) and make her position beleivable. I’ve also changed the second weapon by an integrate gun-gauntlet.


It appears that there are no darkest darks in your piece. Maybe add some darker values in the area of interest?


This is looking incredible. I do have one very minor suggestion. You might want to increase the size of the main figure. Right now her details are difficult to see. Also, I wouldn’t say she strikes me as much of a focal point-- if thats what you’re going for.